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Has anybody read any books by cathy Glass

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starshaker Sun 01-Jan-12 14:04:54

Her books are so sad. Shes a foster carer and her books are about some of the children she has fostered. Their storys are utterly heartbreaking

crazynanna Sun 01-Jan-12 14:12:26

Yes I had to stop reading them! I am the mum of a (now grown up) child who was abused....and they gave me sleepless nights. I have loads of them and I think I will give them to a charity shop...or if someone wants them?

parsnipcake Sun 01-Jan-12 15:01:13

I have read quite a few. I am a foster carer and they are very accurate, and from my experience generally with happier outcomes than the norm. I am no fan of victim lit in general, but I think Cathy's books are well worth a read

thequeenoftarts Sun 01-Jan-12 15:14:25

Yes I love her books

Accurate and to the point, but they make great reading

crazymummy87 Mon 23-Jan-12 18:49:34

Just read run mummy run and i miss mummy and my dads a policeman. I cant read ones involving sexual abuse its too distressing for me for personal reasons

norriscoleforpm Mon 23-Jan-12 18:52:26

All of them grin Love em.

crazymummy87 Mon 23-Jan-12 18:54:43

Could you recommend some for me?

norriscoleforpm Tue 24-Jan-12 18:39:41

Well, all of them really! I think the first one i read was 'cut'. The latest is desperately sad - all about a little boy she fosters who dad dies of cancer sad. I would suggest just reading the lot!

theonewiththenoisychild Wed 25-Jan-12 13:33:28

Thanks its just im aware some contain sexual abuse cases and im not upto reading it for personal reasons so was wondering which were ok and which were not

norriscoleforpm Wed 25-Jan-12 14:25:06

Oh sorry - teach me to not read the thread properly! Cut is ok as far as I can recall, and definitely the last one: 'The day the angels came'.

theonewiththenoisychild Fri 27-Jan-12 20:48:59


theonewiththenoisychild Wed 18-Apr-12 08:36:12

Just brought a babys cry and the night the angels came

Ilovedaintynuts Thu 19-Apr-12 13:09:28

They are wonderful. I don't normally like this genre but they are very well written.

happyheart77 Fri 10-May-13 13:17:18

hi ,I`m new to mumsnet ,and my own mum passed on the Cathy Glass book..Run mummy Run to me..
Having not read in years ,and having been in an abusive relationship ,I did enjoy her story ,and could also identify with the female character ,who is totally "taken over" and controlled by her husbandsad
Anyone can recommend another ,not a child abuse story ,as I know I`d not be able to cope with it ,but I liked her style of writing very much ,and wondered if anyone had another good tale to suggest?Thanks!

Chocoflump Fri 10-May-13 13:21:44

Love Cathy Glass books! Have them all. If you like Cathy Glass, another great author is Casey Watson, she's also a foster carer!

zukiecat Mon 17-Jun-13 20:19:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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