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Has anyone bought or sold books on

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geogteach Wed 04-Jan-06 21:54:29

Saw an ad in the paper has anyone used them?

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mummycan Thu 05-Jan-06 00:17:13

I haven't but a friend uses them all the time and thinks thay are fab - give them a go - you can only lose about £3.75. The price quoted usually includes postage so can be better than Amazon used where postage is about £2.75

geogteach Thu 05-Jan-06 09:26:59

Well i've listed a couple and i'll see what happens

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Greenmetropolis Wed 29-Apr-20 08:46:43

Well the postage was getting very expensive. So we decided to close the store for better. And rebranded our website to a more noble cause of saving and protecting our environment. By helping people lead a sustainable and green life. We still write about books. if you are interested. Just have a look :-)

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