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Anyone reading/read The Faithless by Martina Cole?

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callaird Tue 25-Oct-11 19:29:15

I'm reading this at the moment and struggling with it, it seems very repetitive at the start, I usually read her books really quickly but really can't be bothered with this one!

Does it get any better?? Should I just give up?

ElectricSoftParade Tue 25-Oct-11 19:33:06

I am reading it at the moment and I am finding it quite dull. Very disappointed as she can write some really fast-paced thrillers. Am about half way so will continue to the end or until I don't care anymore.

Still think The Ladykiller is brilliant.

Shakey1500 Tue 25-Oct-11 19:35:50

I haven't read that one, but all the others yes. I found the last one extremely repetitive (I forget the name, it was that memorable I left it on holiday) and just the same as all it's predecessors. They follow the same script don't they? Hard nut family, always a matriach, loads of kids, revenge, a dark secret, through a couple of generations, each generation repeated th last etc etc. Lots of "strange" (<---love that phrase!) beatings, growling males.

I suppose you could carry on for whatevers sake but I, for one, won't condem you if you toss it to the nearest charity shop.

Awight schweet'art? grin

DuffyMoon Tue 25-Oct-11 20:27:12

Oi - swallow your knob and do your lump!

Read it and found it meh, her last few have been the same though, sadly

Shakey1500 Tue 25-Oct-11 20:33:35

"swallow your knob and do your lump" <-- grin

ElectricSoftParade Wed 26-Oct-11 05:11:33

Oh I cannot tell you how much I love "swallow your knob". I am still trying to find a suitable occasion in RL to use it. One day...

ElectricSoftParade Wed 26-Oct-11 06:00:08

Righto, have just finished it and, in my considered opinion, it was a pile of shite. Deeply disappointing.

What a shame.

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