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Wheel of time

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Svrider Tue 18-Oct-11 15:35:28

Anyone else waiting for 1 november??

Svrider Tue 18-Oct-11 17:56:22

No? Oh. Just me with fully charged kindle and DH on childcare duties then

Ephiny Tue 18-Oct-11 18:00:49

I gave up half-way through book 4, it didn't seem to be going anywhere really.

Does it get better then?

Svrider Tue 18-Oct-11 18:48:15

If your not hooked by book 4 the series probably isn't for you TBH
I agree there are large swathes of the books were nothing much happens, but it's the the slow build up and the real integrity of each character and each country that I love.

mspotatochip Tue 18-Oct-11 18:53:15

Is that when its out? Brilliant I'm away on a course overnight for work no dh no children just lots of time on trains and in hotel woo hoo

Svrider Tue 18-Oct-11 19:01:32

Yup , 1st nov

WTAF, it's 1 nov 2012!!!
Just checked on amazon

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