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Crime/Thriller novels for 99p on Kindle

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Tota1Xaos Tue 20-Sep-11 16:02:36

On the kindle bargains page, about halfway down, there's a selection of about 12 newly available for 99p.

elkiedee Sat 24-Sep-11 18:41:02

I didn't know about that page so thanks - most Kindle offers posts are for real junk whereas these are Kindle editions of proper books.... - I bought Elena Forbes in paperback a couple of months ago and I don't really think I'll read the others even at 99p, just because I have so many books to read.

KeliW Sat 24-Sep-11 22:15:13

Not quite linked to this thread - but a simple question nonetheless:

'Should i get a kindle?'

Bumpinthenight Sat 24-Sep-11 22:23:15

A simple answer - yes!

I love mine. My DM loves hers. My DB loves his. My SIL loves hers; as does her mum. My DH reads the app on his tablet.

Convinced yet?!

Earthymama Fri 30-Sep-11 22:27:16

I have started a thread about one of my bugbears with the Kindle and this has highlighted it again.

One of the 99p books on offer is by Phil Rickman who writes excellently about Merrily Watkins. They are really interesting, there is a crime but the best part is the character development.

However on Kindle one finds Merrily Watkins 1, 3 then just odd ones but all of the most recent. It is driving me insane! I cannot read them out of order, it is wrong.

I have bought the one @99p in hopes the others might appear one day.

Please go onto Phil Rickman on Amazon and click on 'I would like to see this book on Kindle' grin

Gincognito Fri 30-Sep-11 22:30:23

Aren't most of the cheapies <ahem> a bit rubbish though?

GrownUpNow Fri 30-Sep-11 22:33:40

Oh noooo... spends more Kindle money

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