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The Bronze horseman - Paullina Simons

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babeinthewood Sat 03-Sep-11 14:12:34

Just finished reading this one, My sil bought it for my birthday and its literally taken three days (and very little sleep) for me to read it. Loved loved loved it! and have just ordered the sequel on amazon!

Anyone else read it? or anything else by this author? no spoilers please! grin

FreddoBaggyMac Sat 03-Sep-11 19:04:33

I have it on my pile of 'to reads' and am moving it to the top based on what you've written :-)

I have it but not read if yet.

You must read her book "Tully" - it is absolutely of my all time favourites. Red Leaves was fab as well!

oh and one called 11 hours by her too - all brilliant. I just love Paullina Simons.

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