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Jilly Cooper- Wicked. YUK

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porcamiseria Fri 02-Sep-11 11:19:44

I am just re-reading all my JC, love em. and in a wierd way quite quite enjoyed Wicked, byt WTF with the underage sex scenes, boak

how the fuck did her editors not tell her off!

rookiemater Fri 02-Sep-11 15:34:39

Yes I found all that a bit odd, plus the way the cheating headmaster was meant to be so inherently wonderful that his wife was able to forgive him - bit of Jilly moulding literature to imitate real life I thought because her DH had an affair.

Haribojoe Tue 06-Sep-11 12:12:21

This is the only JC I have read and must admit I found it a little boring, should I be put off of reading her other books?

witchwithallthetrimmings Tue 06-Sep-11 12:17:53

yes read riders or even her 70s short books like imogen

Haribojoe Tue 06-Sep-11 12:24:30

thanks witchwith will get to the library this week.

porcamiseria Fri 09-Sep-11 08:14:17

agree riders, rivals, polo are good and her 70s books are fab

i enjoyed wicked just though it was highly yuk

TrillianAstra Fri 09-Sep-11 09:38:03

She got the ages wrong, basically.

The failing school story meant that it had to be GCSEs, but that just makes them all too young.

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