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Kindle first thoughts

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BsshBossh Tue 30-Aug-11 19:52:56

Yet, it's arrived along with the red leather case with light. After reading things on the iPad and my phone it's taken me a little time to adjust to the darker screen and to the fact that the screen is not lit up in the same way. It's so light though; I can easily see how I can carry this permanently in my handbag. It's a joy to read on and perfect for my eyes - no eye strain at all. But is so light and slim that it feels too fragile to have lying around the house (unlike my iPad that feels so much more robust if heavy). Unlike the iPad, I won't be letting my preschooler get her hands on this. It feels like it could break!

I love the fact that I can sample chapters of books before buying - I've got eight sample chapters on there now, including The Pile At The Bottom Of The Stairs and Polly Samson's Perfect Lives.

I'm currently reading Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album which is set in 1980s London and is so far an intelligent and witty read and also Siri HusTvedt's The Summer Without Men which, again so far, is quite beguiling. And I'm 49% (!!) of the way through The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood which reads quite lightweight though it's subject matter is overwhelmingly sad.

So far I am definitely reading much more on this than normal. But time will tell if it's the novelty effect or not.

BsshBossh Tue 30-Aug-11 20:01:53

Forgot to say, the Kinde feels quite retro. I keep trying to swipe the screen! And I find the keyboard quite clunky to use. When I navigate the Amazon Kindle store from the device it feels like I'm back using Netscape back in the late 90s. I browse and buy from the Kindle store on my iPad! And the way the screen refreshes with a "time delay" every time you move to a new page also makes this feel like an "old" and clunky device. Very odd.

Mumsnut Tue 30-Aug-11 20:09:04

Agree about clunkiness. When I've been reading on my iPhone then go back to the Kindle, it is like going back in time!

RoundOrangeHead Wed 31-Aug-11 09:13:22

have to agree, the kindle app on iphone/pod is much more intuitive

the new kindle is going to be tablet form and I'll guess will be more like an ipad

BsshBossh Wed 31-Aug-11 11:10:12

I much prefer the iPad Kindle app too except in two vital ways: I love e-ink and the fact that the Kindle is not back lit. So much easier on my eyes. Also, the Kindle is amazingly light yet with a good-sized screen so it's perfect for slipping into my handbag compared to my hefty-by-comparison iPad. Now, if they could bring out a lightweight, slim tablet where you could switch between back lit and e-ink then I would buy it like a shot!

Wheelybug Wed 31-Aug-11 13:55:39

I have a kindlebut no ipad although I do swap between my phone and the kindle.

I got mine for christmas but only really used it in the last couple of weeks on holiday. I am surprised how much I have loved it.

I agree its a bit clunky and hard to adjust to not being able to touch the screen. I find it robust though - my toddler has fiddled with it and chucked it around with no problems.

The lack of backlighting is good though - I don't think I would like reading a computer - type screen for so much time so will be interesting to see how they evolve. I believethat many of the reasons for it not being so whizzy is to conserve battery life. I only had to charge once in two weeks and that was a nice change to my phone which has to be charged nightly.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 01-Sep-11 08:29:56

So glad I'm not the only one who has tried swiping the screen then smile.

BsshBossh Thu 01-Sep-11 11:13:06

The first thing my 3 year old did then I showed her my Kindle was to swipe the screen smile

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