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Sweet Valley Confidential. (Think ive grown out of chick lit now)

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carernotasaint Mon 29-Aug-11 00:38:00

I read this recently because i was a big fan of the Sweet Valley High books back in the "80s. It was a nice easy read but the twins should really be 43 now not 27. I read it more for nostalgias sake really. Im not usually into chick lit (except for Adele Parks) and i much prefer a good thriller. I think ive grown out of chick lit now. What do you other ladies prefer.
A good thriller.(i love Nikki French.)
A Sophie Kinsella/Harriet Evans type book.
Or a bit of historical intrigue like Philippa Gregory or Suzannah Dunn.

Penelope1980 Mon 29-Aug-11 08:12:26

I don't think that Sweet Valley Confidential was good chick lit! I thought it was OK, but rather than feeling like I'd outgrown chick lit while reading it, I just realised I'd outgrown Sweet Valley. Which, on reflection, is probably a good thing given how long ago I read it! I still read across genres, and just like variety and not to read too many similar books in a short space of time, whatever they are about. I have discovered Lee Child and similar books in recent years though which I like - not sure what you call those?

DillyTante Mon 29-Aug-11 08:15:57

Sweet Valley Confidential was just a really awful book! And i was a die hard SVH fan!

carernotasaint Mon 29-Aug-11 15:43:34

Dilly Tante i quite agree. It was terrible. And back in the "80s i was crazy about SVH and simply had to get the new book when it came out every month. If i remember rightly a new one used to come out on the first Thursday of the month. I remember me and my best schoolfriend racing all the way into town in our lunch hour to get it and it was a forty min walk there and back so God knows how we managed to clear it in an hour there and back and stopping off at a chippy on the way too. Happy days!

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