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How do you choose what book to buy/read next?

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BsshBossh Sun 28-Aug-11 17:40:21

Recommendation from friends? Reviews in newspapers/magazines? Seeing people read a certain book on your commute?

For me it's largely reviews in magazines or the weekend papers but I really find the Amazon (People who bought this book also bought...) function very influential. I also rely a lot on staff table picks in two of my most frequented book shops (Daunts and Waterstone's in Piccadilly).

What about you?

Ilovedaintynuts Sun 28-Aug-11 21:32:21

Mine is also largely reviews in papers/magazines. I peruse Waterstones regularly. I also find the recommendation button on the kindle app I have has resulted in me buying a lot of books!

I also buy books by authors I find I enjoy. I also read all the 'popular' books as I like knowing what everyone else is reading.

mixedmamameansbusiness Sat 03-Sep-11 20:18:41

Reviews usually - I just add everything that sounds interesting to my numerous Amazon wish lists and read the reviews to get a feel.

I flit around in Waterstones A LOT and just see if anything takes my fancy. I do sometimes go for film books which is how I discovered Louis de Bernieres (just from the hype of the film, I have not actually watched it - well half). The Notebook I also read this way.

piebald Sat 03-Sep-11 20:38:27

Often by whats in the charity sale--its a good way of finding new authors

tillyfernackerpants Sat 03-Sep-11 22:17:27

I use my library a lot for authors I haven't read before, especially with genres I don't usually go for.

Agree that the Amazon reviews are useful, I also use websites like Read It Swap it and GreenMetropolis for getting second hand books.

But my main way is from friends who also read a lot, we tend to share recommendations and books.

DazR Sun 04-Sep-11 16:50:49

I have had a really great summer reading books recommended on Mumsnet - so thank you ladies!!

MrsRobertDuvall Sun 04-Sep-11 16:57:01

Definitely the Amazon recommendations, plus magazine and newspaper reviews.(Daily Mail is quite goodwink)
If I like an author I will read all their books.
I go the library every week and usually grab a couple from their quick choice shelves for a non taxing read.

ilikethesun Sun 04-Sep-11 17:13:04

Amazon recommends are a must.

Mumnet always helpful.

Also friends and family recommends.

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