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'The Book of Human Skin' by Michelle Lovric?

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IreadthereforeIam Tue 23-Aug-11 10:30:14

Has anyone read this? I'm really struggling with it, and I was hoping that someone will come and tell me to persevere - it gets better!! With so many characters in it telling their own stories, I thought there wouldn't be a chance of it boring me, but it seems to flit around too much, and I find myself trying to rush through each narrator to get to the next one. I'm on p111 and it's annoying me.

It's a library book - I could just take it back (I hate to give up though!)

pink4ever Wed 31-Aug-11 15:51:01

I read it as was reading along with the tv book club. Was unsure after flicking through it in shop but after hearing the rave reviews it got on the programme I decided to buy it.
I was dissapointed. I think it was a very good idea for a book but like you didnt like the constant flitting between characters. I also rushed to finish it to try and see how they all tied up.
To sum up-not a bad book but not a great one. Worth persevering?-not sure.

javo Thu 01-Sep-11 15:33:28

I really liked this book but did struggle for the first few chapters. I also enjoyed certain characters stories more than others. I liked the way all the stories did tie together in the end. I 've kept the book, rathet then sending to the charity shop - so it was worth it for me. However, if it's not grabbing you by now- then just take it back - life's too short. I recently perservered to the bitter end with jacob De Zoet and really wished I hadn't.

IreadthereforeIam Thu 01-Sep-11 20:10:33

Well I persevered, and whilst I'm glad I made it to the end (and enjoyed it to some extent), I don't know whether I would do the same again! I hate to give up though. I wish I could've just put it down, but at least it wasn't a complete let down, I suppose!! Daft, eh?! I do think I need some light reading now, though...

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