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Riddley Walker

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This was recommended ages ago and I finally managed to track down a copy and read it. I've asked about it in my 'Post apocalyptic fiction again' thread but not many people on there have read it.

I would really, really appreciate your comments on it!

Hopeful bump?

Gah - somebody must have read the damn thing! I need you to tell me what I missed in it!

Rowena8482 Mon 22-Aug-11 23:33:02

It's a bit crap lol - I love dystopian fiction and read LOADS of it, have done ever since I can remember, and well, this is so not one of the ones I would ever recommend to anyone. I just about finished it because it irks me to leave a book unfinished, but it was "meh" in the extreme and the ridiculous style of writing made it even harder to force myself to the end.

See, I didn't mind the writing style at all, in fact I quite liked it BUT I think I must have missed some of the point of it.

Thank you for replying though.

Any more please?


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