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Audio books recommendations please.

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zeus123 Tue 09-Aug-11 21:49:40

I would like some audio book recommendations as traveling 2 hours a day . I was not brought up with lot if books around although my family really valued education.
I can remember reading for pleasure in primary school but got really distracted by various other things and did not read anything outside what is required.
I have given my girls what I didn't have - both love books, I read to them regularly, they are surrounded by books, take them to the library. But in doing so I have started reading books for pleasure

I have recently read time travellers wife, the siege of krishnapur, life of pi, on beauty, the girl with a tattoo, Skelligx, star girl, the curious incident of a dog at night time- nothing high brow but they have triggered my love for books.
Realistically I don't think I have the luxury to have me time to read ( work long hours, two childrenetc.,I downloaded around the world in 80 days from livribox and l really enjoyed listening to it. I would like to buy/ download good quality reCordings.
BTW, I am not keen on disturbing, depressing novels.would prefer nice uplifting,humorous novels.
So far I have come up with daphne du maurier collection audio of Rebecca, Frenchmans creek and Jamaica inn, a bloody assassin by Margaret Atwood, his dark materials, penguin audio classics _ selection of Jane Austen,G Eliot what's your verdict? I would really appreciate your recommendations.
This is my longest post in mumsnet .- sorry.

zeus123 Wed 10-Aug-11 16:22:24

Shameless bump....

steamedtreaclesponge Thu 11-Aug-11 11:21:20

I love the Poirot audiobooks read by Hugh Fraser (Hastings from the TV adaptations) - don't know if you're really into murder mysteries but they're quite light and fun, as crime novels go. I also have a couple of Narnia audiobooks which I love listening to when I'm a bit down or stressed out.

I think the key is to pick books that are interesting and read by people with nice voices - have you been on They have a massive selection of books, and you can normally listen to samples before you buy.

zeus123 Thu 11-Aug-11 20:15:36

I will check audible website and It might give me some ideas as well .Thanks.

gailforce1 Thu 11-Aug-11 20:26:48

I do a lot of driving and have become addicted to audiobooks on CD.
Recently I have enjoyed The Life of Pi, Eleanor of Aquitaine (Alison Weir), Light on Snow (Anita Shreve), Music & Silence (Rose Tremaine), The Long Song (Andrea Levy) and Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood).

I agree with steamedteacle that the narrators voice is important - cannot stand nasal Americans!

zeus123 Thu 11-Aug-11 22:48:55

I listened to around the world in 80 days from livribox recording and did not like some voices and also the change of voice from one chapter to another. It is one of the reason I want to buy / download.
Thanks for your suggestions.Did you download from audible?

nitsparty Fri 12-Aug-11 01:51:44

look at some podcasts. (free) Classic tales, New Yorker and `the Moth are my favorites.
otherwise the Scotland Street novels. Battle for Christobel and the Moonstone. I endorse Audible, also, check your local library

gailforce1 Wed 17-Aug-11 08:19:10

As I listern in the car I use CDs from the local library. Although their choice in the library is not great I go on line, search their audio catalogue and reserve those I want.
I started The Childrens Book but it was huge, about 30 discs and only got half way through before returning it. Have reserved it again but wonder if I will remember where I got to!

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