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Anyone read Little Face by Sophie Hannah?

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MogandMe Sun 10-Jul-11 09:17:07

If so please talk to me - I have just finished the book but really have no idea what the hell the conclusion was!!

AtYourCervix Sun 10-Jul-11 22:25:00

she knew it was her baby all along but knew that nobody would listen to her and get her and the baby out safely unless she pretended it wasn't hers.

i think.

MogandMe Mon 11-Jul-11 21:12:37

Hahaa I kinda got that, but then it didn't make sense why the husband turned and all the stuff that she found in "her" chapters. hmm Not sure I liked it sad

limitedperiodonly Tue 12-Jul-11 14:49:17

I think atyourcervix is right. I can't remember. It was terrible.

She's one of those really bad novelists who get such good reviews that I'm convinced that they and the reviewers share the same agent.

I'm really fed up with wasting money on these people.

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