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Just read the first Black Dagger Brotherhood book...

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IreadthereforeIam Thu 09-Jun-11 08:37:28

...and oh my word!! I found it in the Library (the chances of finding the first book in any series are slim to none at the library!!), remembered what so many of you on here have said about them - Thankyou ladies!! It was brilliant! I think I might have to bite the bullet and see if I can order the rest from there (thing is, they know me - which might also be an advantage, I suppose!!), I read this one in a day and a half, so I'm a bit reluctant to spend the money on buying the novels. Well, off I go to the library before work this afternoon!!

Shame dh wouldn't entertain the notion of wearing a pair of 'shit-kickers' and leather trousers... hmm (although, knowing that I'd have to wash/ clean them would put me off..Oh, reality! Bit of a bugger, really!!).

YvonneMarie Fri 17-Jun-11 19:55:21

I enjoyed this book also and read half of the second one. It's a shame the second book focused on different characters as I'd rather here about the characters from the original book.

Good fun reading though and kept me sane until the next True Blood book came out: Dead REckoning.

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