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Do you keep a record of books you have read?

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posey Fri 03-Jun-11 19:25:32

I have been doing this for approx 20 years.
Anyway I was having a good look through it earlier on and found it quite fascinating how my reading tastes have changed, how I had prolific years (when dd was born I had to stop work for 10 weeks before she was born, then read while feeding her which was approx 23 hours per daygrin, so read loads that year.) and years where I read very little ( when dh was very ill and I couldn't concentrate on much)
I had a Ruth Rendall/ Barbara Vine year, a couple of chick lit years...
Nowadays I seem to read fewer books but they are a bit more challenging.
So who else does this? Oh and what it is written in? I have a very nice notebook, bought in a craft Market!

tillyfernackerpants Fri 03-Jun-11 20:07:20

I started doing this last year, just in a nice little notebook, like you can pick up in Waterstones or something.

It is interesting to see what books I've gone back to repeatedly, and being able to tell what moods I was in when reading them, which are the comfort reads. I'm currently on a crime/thriller streak but am trying now to read different things.

Ungratefulchild Fri 03-Jun-11 20:10:27

I came to this thread thinking 'No' why on earth would I do that? but actually it seems like it would be a really interesting thing to do.

moonshine Fri 03-Jun-11 20:12:23

I've done this for a few years and use a bog-standard Smiths A5 notebook (although I keep meaning to upgrade to a proper 'posh' version). I always rate the book out of 10 and try to beat my record of how many I read year-on-year (not so difficult as I am a slow reader but am finding I am reading far more this year thanks to my kindle).

It also helps me check if I've read the book before as I have been known to buy the same book (usually quick-read thrillers) twice blush

KurriKurri Fri 03-Jun-11 20:27:14

I started doing it beginning of this year - apart from anything, I'm bad at remembering titles, and I can use it to recommend books to friends (or unrecommend them grin)

I just use a notebook, but you can get a special book record notebook from Paperchase (I got my DS one for Christmas)

WowOoo Fri 03-Jun-11 20:31:10

I used to do this.
I also had Ruth Rendell run - I noted that some of her sentences do not make sense, are far too long - nearly a whole page- and she tries to be too clever at times...?!
I've written very sporadically in it since having children.

I also used to refer to it after having bought the same thriller twice.

montmartre Fri 03-Jun-11 20:40:21

Do you order it by date, or by author?
Do you give star ratings?

ipredicttrouble Fri 03-Jun-11 20:47:32

I haven't until the start of this year when I wrote a kind of 'wish list' of books that I want to read this year. It is quite interesting. I've done my list electronically and highlight them as I finish them.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 03-Jun-11 20:49:12

I did when I was in my late teens/early twenties. Then I grew up a bit.

posey Fri 03-Jun-11 20:54:16

What's juvenile about recording books you've read?

Montmartre, just list as I have read.

KurriKurri Fri 03-Jun-11 20:54:18

Oooh bit harsh bibbity, I'll just go and sit in the immature corner grin

electricslide Fri 03-Jun-11 20:54:42

I use the goodreads website to keep my list. I have the iPhone app so it's really easy.

paulapantsdown Fri 03-Jun-11 20:55:21

So what do you write exactly?
date, author, title, genre, marks out of 10?
Have never done it, but it seems a nice (if pointless!) thing to do.

scottishmummy Fri 03-Jun-11 20:56:24

read too many too record
its a bitty wanky imo

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 03-Jun-11 20:57:11

grin Kurri - and I know for a blimmin fact you are even older than me shock.

What is the list for, though? Will it be published after your death? Will anyone be interested?

SamsGoldilocks Fri 03-Jun-11 21:00:23

I've done so siince 1997 following from a discussion with a friend about her mum doing it. I used to just write the authour and title, the dates i read it between but i've added about a 50 word commentary on each of the books. I rarely re-read books but i've just finished Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood - first time I thought it was fabulous and this time was much less impressed by it.

posey Fri 03-Jun-11 21:02:00

No, no one would be interested in the list except me, and I wouldn't expect anyone else to read it or publish it! I just like making lists I suppose but don't think it is at all wanky hmm, not really sure where that comment comes from tbh.

CelebratedMonkey Fri 03-Jun-11 21:05:17

I use to track my readership but haven't been doing it very long - the last 10 months or so maybe.

It may seem a bit tragic to some but I like having a convenient place to track what I'm reading and it has a reading challenge for 2011 if you want to set yourself a reading goal - I went for a slightly pathetic 26 books but that's me trying to make an effort to read instead of go on the internet.

It's just a website and don't want to sound like I'm selling it to much - but for those of us freaks who like tracking what we're reading it's quite good (or librarything is another one!). There's also community stuff on there and book recs etc.

CelebratedMonkey Fri 03-Jun-11 21:06:10

*reading not readership, doh!

KurriKurri Fri 03-Jun-11 21:12:49

I'm older than everyone bibbity grin

I do it so I can remember what I read, and whether it was any good. I often get asked for recommendations for books from friends.

I hadn't thought about the posthumous publishing angle - but good idea,- who wouldn't want to read my literary opinions? grin

moonshine Fri 03-Jun-11 21:14:18

I do it cos my memory is shit and it also acts like a semi-diary as reminds me of my mood etc according to what I read when and how I felt about it. It's a nice personal record (like photos).

KurriKurri Fri 03-Jun-11 21:20:19

hoot at 'wanky' - I'm sure I do lots of wanky things - doesn't bother me, each to their own and all that.

scottishmummy Fri 03-Jun-11 21:27:54

i dont write down books read as its not significant enough to expend energy on
i read i may or may not enjoy but don't need to record the experience
its a bit like alphabetically arranged books, CDs.contrived and not worth the effort

but i suppose if i were dead worthy in my reading i mighr want to maintain a list

KurriKurri Fri 03-Jun-11 21:34:15

I haven't got my CD's arranged in alphabetical order - that would be anal grin

But I am an unashamed 'books read' recorder. smile

CelebratedMonkey Fri 03-Jun-11 21:56:11

Significance varies from person to person though, doesn't it? I've loved reading since I was a little kid and have also been doing creative writing since I was about 8 (not successfully, ahem). So for me it's worth spending energy on because it's just a wider part of the hobby. Not something for everyone though, obviously.

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