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Under the Skin

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sonearsofar Sat 28-May-11 23:20:17

This is a thank-you to those who, in previous threads, have recommended this book which I. I started it this morning, and have just finished it. I can't remember when I last read a book so compulsive and thought-provoking. In fact, I thought I had lost the knack of concentrating on a book.
Did anyone else think of going vegetarian after reading it?

BitOfFun Sat 28-May-11 23:26:26

Oh, I vaguely remember reading this ages ago. It was bloody creepy, wasn't it? grin

sonearsofar Sat 28-May-11 23:30:24

yes - there was a bit where I had to jump a page - I'm sure you know where I mean - but it was so multi-layered. I'm just here thinking 'wow'.

StantonLacy Sun 29-May-11 20:07:13

It's brilliant, isn't it ?

I read it from cover to cover while waiting for a delayed flight once - about the only time I've actually been grateful for the opportunity of sitting in a departure lounge for any great length of time.

I completely envy anyone who hasn't read it yet - the story unfolded so beautifully, if that makes any sense smile

I was really surprised by how different it was to Crimson Petal. Then I read some of his short stories and 'The courage consort' and they were all very disparate styles, too. What a talented man.

Goblinchild Sun 29-May-11 20:15:54

I've read so many books over the years that few can catch me out with an unpredictable ending. But this one truly blindsided me, I hadn't a clue what was coming.
'The story unfolding' is exactly the right phrase, I couldn't begin to guess what was going to be revealed.

posey Mon 30-May-11 18:13:38

My sil got me this and I loved it. Totally absorbing but so creepy.

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