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jean m auel: the land of painted caves: anyone else totally disappointed?

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yummytummy Thu 26-May-11 18:48:19

just finished this after eagerly awaiting my copy. well what a disappointment. feel really let down. there was so much the author could have done with the story, no mention of durc or much of the clan, nothing on how the characters developed with time. nothing about aylas vision of durc and jondalars son. no development of jonaylas character, just endless descriptions of bloody caves and how to make 27 different types of tes aaaargh. and not forgetting the mention of aylas names and ties and the earth mother song about a million times. what a disaster.

and the end plot if you could call it that was just ridiculous. why build up the main characters so much only to have them participate in a shagfest with various other people? almost like a desperate soap storyline where author not sure what to do with chaaracters and rather than create a proper storyline reduces it to this.

feel so let down. anyone who is a fan of the series and wants to read it, seriously dont bother. leave it at shelters of stone and invent your own ending.
really left a funny taste in my mouth and is i feel an insult to her loyal readers who had followed the series for so long.

hope there are others who have read it and feel the same!

3littlefrogs Thu 26-May-11 18:50:17

Yes. I agree. i loved the other books, but this was just lazy, repeticious, very dissappointing. sad

wildstrawberryplace Thu 26-May-11 18:58:34

I agree.

I fell asleep listening to my Audible version, and failed to notice the next night that my ipod had carried on playing for over two hours and that I had therefore skipped forward a lot accidentally. No discernable plot. Lots of relaying of what happened in the other books. It is very boring, very repetitive and makes me wonder if it was ghost written for the cash for fulfilling the book deal while the author is languishing somewhere in ill health or something.

The other books were a kind of guilty pleasure, something I might not admit to reading publicly but would happily read for hours on end during illness or holiday etc. I put off using my Audible credits for it due to poor reviews, but in the end I thought meh how bad can it be?

Man, I tell you, it is SHITE.

yummytummy Thu 26-May-11 19:18:51

so glad you agree, hadnt come across anyone else who has read it in rl. i agree i think must have been ghostwritten for cash or something like that.

tallulah Sun 29-May-11 21:19:15

Link to huge previous thread here

Pretty unanimous..

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