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Joanne Harris

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MaryMotherOfCheeses Mon 16-May-11 22:46:56

Sorry for two threads from me at the mo, trying to sort out holiday reading and I hardly ever read.

Joanne Harris. Couldn't put down 5 Quarters of the Orange but couldn't get into Chocolat, which is odd.

Or is it?

Which one next?

birdyperson Tue 17-May-11 09:16:42

I didn't like Chocolat as much as 5 Quarters, but loved Blackberry Wine. Coastliners also a fave.

KatharineClifton Tue 17-May-11 17:56:17

5 Quarters is the only one of hers I liked. And I also couldn't put it down.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 18-May-11 19:38:04

Blackberry wine eh. Might try that smile

Bumping for any others?

DamnDeDoubtance Wed 18-May-11 20:25:30

Loved Gentlemen and Players.

dalek Thu 19-May-11 21:06:47

Another vote for Gentle men and Players - there's a twist that i did NOT see coming

Ponders Thu 19-May-11 21:12:42

I have just acquired the sequel to Chocolat, set in Montmartre (will find name in a sec) - anyway I preferred Chocolat to Blackberry Wine really. Did like Genetlemen & Players too. Haven't read 5 Quarters.

Ponders Thu 19-May-11 21:14:43

Lollipop Shoes

But it's so long since I read Chocolat I should probably read it again first (if I can find it confused)

TheCowardlyLion Thu 19-May-11 21:36:23

I have got blueeyed boy on my pile of books being saved for holiday reading so I can't tell you whether it's good or not - but I'm hopeful! I loved Lollipop Shoes more than Chocolat, I have to say.

StormieLynch Mon 23-May-11 23:04:34

I finished blue eyed boy a couple of weeks ago. Little harder to get into than I thought it would be but I enjoyed it and once I got reading I wanted to finish it.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 11-Jun-11 22:33:34

Ponders, for some reason I went for Lollipop Shoes and absolutely loved it. Couldn't put it down.

Thank you. smile

BabeRuthless Sun 12-Jun-11 08:57:58

I find her so hit & miss, it really does depend on the subject matter of the book. Loved Gentlemen & Players and Sleep Pale Sister is another favourite but didn't like Holy Fools and never bothered with any of the food based ones.

Havent read Blue Eyed Boy yet, looks really interesting though.

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