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What's the book with the best twist you've ever read?

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jayne10b Tue 10-May-11 19:04:41

Well that's the question really!!

My personal favourites for any other twist lovers are:

An instance of the fingerpost
The murder of Roger Ackroyd



DottyDot Tue 10-May-11 19:06:23

Not so much a twist, but the most shocking ending I've read:

We Need to Talk about Kevin

Fantastic book, inspired a book group amongst our friends and I still remember the horror/fascination as I was reading it...shock grin

aStarInStrangeways Tue 10-May-11 19:09:08

This thread is going to end up spoilertastic, you do know that don't you grin

For me: The Insult by Rupert Thomson.

RupertTheBear Tue 10-May-11 19:13:40

I was just going to say fingersmith - I gasped out loud I think!

Brices Tue 10-May-11 19:18:12

the wasp factory - Banks, took me by surprise

squashedfly Tue 10-May-11 20:59:49

Yup - fingersmith for me too. Def gasped out loud!!

sonearsofar Tue 10-May-11 21:35:43

Another Fingersmith - I just sat there thunderstruck - I also didn't see the lesbian relationship coming. Affinity, also by Sarah Waters, has another good twist as well.

DirtyMartini Tue 10-May-11 21:38:14

This is hilarious - I clicked on this hoping to be the first to mention Fingersmith and about eight posts in it's been mentioned as many times grin

I LOVE that book. It stands up well to a second reading, too.

MadamDeathstare Tue 10-May-11 21:39:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellymelly Tue 10-May-11 21:41:51

Another yes for fingersmith.

TurtlesAreRetroRight Tue 10-May-11 21:49:09

We Really Don't Need To Talk About Kevin, turgid load of crap. I'm really surprised when people don't see it coming. Forgive me, I despise that book.

The Wasp Factory surprised me in the same way as The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler many, many years previously.

MarionCole Tue 10-May-11 21:50:49

Looks like I need to read Fingersmith.


Itsjustafleshwound Tue 10-May-11 21:51:55


Some of Roald Dahl adult short stories - unusual endings and are often rehashed

hellymelly Tue 10-May-11 21:52:35

I agree with turtles on Kevin.I utterly loathed that book and saw the ending coming a mile off.I only finished it as I couldn't believe it could be as bad and it would get didn't.

AnyFucker Tue 10-May-11 21:59:07

could someone please pm me the twist in Fingersmith...I have read the book but have forgotten it !

it's really bugging me

Plumm Tue 10-May-11 22:03:19

what's the twist in Kevin - I couldn't be bothered to read the book but am intrigued now.

PandaG Tue 10-May-11 22:03:28

loved Tyke Tyler - didn't read it as a child but a teacher!

maybe I ought to read fingersmith?

I tend to read a lot of thrillers, so lots of twists and turns.

MadamDeathstare Tue 10-May-11 22:03:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

warthog Tue 10-May-11 22:05:43

wasp factory

notapizzaeater Tue 10-May-11 22:06:00

By reason of Insanity - Shane Stevens - one of the best books I have ever read

superdollyfragilistic Tue 10-May-11 22:29:14

Thank you for this thread, was just looking for somthing to read, and have downloaded Fingersmith to my reader. Will come back and see how much I gasp, though obv forewarned!

SerapisBey Tue 10-May-11 22:32:48

Life of Pi has a good twist as does Half of a Yellow Sun.

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Tue 10-May-11 22:34:11

I hated Fingersmith - am clearly in a minority of one (oh and a colleague hated it too but she's not here!).

I like Dahl's Lamb To The Slaughter, although yes, it's probably a bit of a cliche now but I think he got there first. And the end of King's The dark Tower series is both maddeningly awful and astonishingly right in equal measure.

Vintagepommery Wed 11-May-11 09:42:48

Rough Music by Patrick Gale has a really good twist near the start of the book - and it's a really good book as a whole.

mrsbabookaloo Wed 11-May-11 09:46:50

Another vote for fingersmith. I gasped, and was so satifying to be sitting next to DH when he read it after me and see him gasp too!

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