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I hold in my hand a copy of JEAN AUEL's THE LAND OF ThE PAINTED CAVES

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Lonnie Tue 29-Mar-11 17:26:04

and YESSSSS Im so blinking excited I cant begin to describe it...

(anyone else??))

TheVisitor Tue 29-Mar-11 17:26:33

Is this No. 6?

Em3978 Tue 29-Mar-11 17:27:42

What!? there's a new one!?! oooh!

Bideyin Tue 29-Mar-11 17:27:56

I read the first couple of chapters online yesterday :D I'm really trying not to buy it yet. Hope its better than the last one?

Lonnie Tue 29-Mar-11 17:28:14

YESSS number 6 out TODAY (got to love Amazon preorders)

Bideyin Tue 29-Mar-11 17:29:33

Jean Auel was on the radio yesterday and seemed to be saying that this would be the last book (think it was originally supposed to be a 7 book series?)

Lonnie Tue 29-Mar-11 17:35:12

No was a 6 series but as it went so long between 4 and 5 and again between 5 and 6 I think many of us was loosing hope. I really cant wait to get into this one (has tomorrow morning off and am going to a coffee place forgetting my phone laughs)

dalek Tue 29-Mar-11 18:08:58

Mine's here too!!!!

Lonnie Wed 30-Mar-11 13:22:37

On page 66 already so far VERY good

Idontknowhowtohelpher Wed 30-Mar-11 14:08:24

Amazon just delivered mine - and I've got to go out

sethstarkaddersmackerel Wed 30-Mar-11 14:09:33

has Ayla invented the printing press yet?

PlentyOfPrimroses Wed 30-Mar-11 14:16:45

Rats! - got to wait til next year for the paperback. I hate hardback fiction books. Has she got any better at writing sex scenes?

maverick Thu 31-Mar-11 13:10:29

The review on Amazon put me right off reading it -feel it might be better to stop at no.5....

Please let me know if it's a 'satisfactory' ending, if you know what I mean.

Browncoats Thu 31-Mar-11 14:00:47

Oooooh, can't wait to read it but I'm hoping it's better than book 5.

ThornTree Thu 31-Mar-11 14:03:13

I got mine yesterday - have read a couple of chapters but am trying to not read it too fast!

LowRegNumber Thu 31-Mar-11 14:09:05

Ooh, thank you! Didn't even realise she had finished it! I have now ordered mine, can't wait till tomorrow grin

Did anyone notice it is more expensive on kindle BTW, is that usual? I was thinking of buying one but probably won't if that is the norm!

Babieseverywhere Thu 31-Mar-11 21:51:50

I got my Kindle version on Tuesday, yeah !

Only 21% read so far, enjoying it but not much has happened except loads of catching up with old story lines and characters.

Browncoats Thu 31-Mar-11 21:52:43

LowRegNumber - no it's not the norm. Kindle books are usually cheaper even though you have to pay VAT on them (you don't pay VAT on paper books apparantly).

I've only just recently got a Kindle and I'm a bit of a convert. Altough it'll never replace real books for me - I love the feel and smell of books and I'm a bit of a collector - they definately have their place and I carry mine too and from work every day now.

MosEisley Thu 31-Mar-11 22:09:46

Glad to see a thread on this! Has anyone tried the 'meet Ayla' download using the special edition cover? I did, this evening. I thought it was worth doing but a bit underwhelming.

Also saw a friend today whose daughter is called Ayla. Guess he & his wife are fans..!

MayorNaze Fri 01-Apr-11 15:58:07

who's finished this then?


come chat

Babieseverywhere Fri 01-Apr-11 16:01:21

Yeah, for you

Good grief it will take me days/weeks to finish this book. I remember the days I had loads of time to read.

MayorNaze Fri 01-Apr-11 16:11:59

tbh if you have read the others then you can skim read quite a bit

and if you haven'tead the others then you won't need to after reading this one


Babieseverywhere Fri 01-Apr-11 16:24:10

Oh dear, A lot of what I have read has been repetitive I was hoping it was only because it was the beginning IYSWIM.

steamedtreaclesponge Fri 01-Apr-11 16:25:53

Ooooh how exciting! I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come out, isn't Jean M Auel getting on a bit now?

BlingLoving Fri 01-Apr-11 16:27:24

Oooh, must check if it's on Kindle yet - I do have it my Kindle wish list in preparation (on basis that I've bought the hard copy the last few times and nearly killed myself lumping it around).

Babieseverywhere - they are always repetitive. It's the one series you never have to go back and reread in advance as she constantly reminds you who everyone is. grin

God, I remember reading the Plains of Passage as a young teen - sneaking it out of my sister's room to read the sex scenes...!

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