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My first book

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msml Sun 20-Mar-11 11:24:37

Hi there,
I've been registered on mumsnet for a while but setting up my own business over the last couple of years means that I've neglected coming here.
I thought I'd let you know that my first book is being published on March 31st...
It's called Supper Club: recipes and notes from The Underground Restaurant (Harper Collins)

It's both a recipe book and the tale of my journey from mum who loves cooking to pioneer of the supper club movement in the UK.
I'm known on twitter as @msmarmitelover

The book is really beautiful, a thick glossy volume...

I hope some of you will check it out...


wabbit Sun 20-Mar-11 14:23:02

good for you for getting a book published and being a mum - you are a mum?

Not heard of the supper club don't have time to do 'suppers' barely have friends either actually!!!

Have set up a business and am studying too though so something had to give!! grin

msml Sun 20-Mar-11 15:14:49

Thanks Wabbit. Yes I am a single mum of a nearly 17 year old daughter.
Actually one of the reason's I started The Underground Restaurant is because I never got invited to dinner anywhere.
As I love cooking and hosting dinner parties I decided to start charging people to come! A dinner party can cost a fortune as we all know.
It grew into a business.
As a single parent I think it would have been really hard to do it with a small child, my daughter was 14 when we started and now helps at every event. It's been great work experience for her.

Can one put pictures up on mumsnet?

wabbit Mon 21-Mar-11 22:48:46

yes, in your profile pages on 'my mumsnet' smile

Listlessbean Sat 06-Aug-11 16:24:03

Sounds fantastic!

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