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Kindle questions from a new Kindle owner

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ChickFlit Sun 27-Feb-11 09:46:40

I've just received my first Kindle which I absolutely love, however I've just got a couple of questions which are probably battery related.

I've read that the battery life on the Kindle is quite long however mine has only lasted a day since I got it and it's on charge now. I've turned off the 3G and wireless and am charging it up now. I have been playing around with it a lot doing searches and downloading books etc so this could possibly explain the battery life. Did you find your first battery charge didn't last as long as subsequent charges?

Also, when you turn your Kindle off do you turn it off completely or just put it into sleep mode? Because my battery seemed to be draining so fast I turned it off completely rather than have it in sleep mode?

How long does it take the battery to charge from the mains?

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belindarose Sun 27-Feb-11 11:57:29

Hmm, sounds a bit odd. I've only charged mine three times since Christmas and have been reading it a lot. Is there a helpline you could call?

hackingandhewing Sun 27-Feb-11 12:02:14

I would see how long it lasts after this charge. I got mine a month ago and had to charge it up 2 days afte i got it. Have only charged it up once since.

judgejudyandexecutioner Sun 27-Feb-11 12:04:59

Using the 3G all the time does eat up more battery life and seasoned Kindle users suggest letting it go to sleep rather than turning it off. I only have the 3G on when I need it and that helps extend the battery life.

Lilymaid Sun 27-Feb-11 12:08:12

Kindles recharge in minutes. Once charged they should not require recharging for a few weeks. I always leave my Kindle in sleep mode rather than switching it off.
If your Kindle is requiring frequent charging, phone the help line. They'll ask you to test it first and if it is discharging rapidly you'll probably get a replacement.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 27-Feb-11 12:08:31

I only ever sleep mine. Turning off wireless / 3g does make a huge difference. My battery lasts a couple of weeks I think, and that is with quite alot of reading time.

neversaydie Sun 27-Feb-11 12:11:36

That doesn't sound right - I have the 3G version and leave the 3G on because I subscribe to a daily newspaper. Even when I am reading a lot, I reckon the battery will last 3-4 days.

wabbit Sun 27-Feb-11 12:23:20

I always leave mine in sleep mode too - didn't know you could turn it off completely - I've charged mine twice since christmas and read so much the family are kindle haters!

Sounds like you've got a duff one sad

MmeLindt Sun 27-Feb-11 12:27:52

Can you turn a Kindle off completely? News to me.

Sounds like yours has a dodgy battery. Mine goes for weeks with wifi turned off. Even with wifi on it lasts a good while.

See how long this next charge lasts then contact Amazon.

ChickFlit Sun 27-Feb-11 12:48:27

OK thanks will do, it's fully charged now (took a couple of hours) I've loaded on the books I want to read and have stopped pressing all the buttons to see what it can do, 35 and wifi turned off so I'll see how it goes - hope I haven't got one with a dud battery it's already my new favourite toy.

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inspireddance Sun 27-Feb-11 20:18:39

If your downloading lots of books the kindle will index them (so you can later search for words ect). This uses lots of battery. Hopefully it should last longer once your not adding so many books in one go.

To turn off completely slide the power button and hold for about 8 secs.

dyzzidi Sun 27-Feb-11 21:47:57

My charge lasts lots longer without the 3G on. I charge it one a week normally.

kirstywilliams Sun 08-Dec-13 16:57:37

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