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any fantasy fans out there? Robin Hobb/ lynn flewelling?

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fishandlilacs Sat 29-Jan-11 23:07:28

Anyone like these sort of books? I know fantasy fiction has a bit of a saddo reputation but I do enjoy it.

I am currently readin book 2 of the mistborn trilogy by Brandon sanderson. DH bought the first one for xmas.

I would like to find more authors on a similar vein.

TrollyMcTrollPants Sun 30-Jan-11 14:08:28

I love fantasy! Have read Hobbs "Farseer" books and the "Soldier Son" Triolgy. I'm currently wading through Robert Jordans "Wheel Of Time" epic. Up to book 9 now! Lord of the Rings is still my fantasy fave though!

Ephiny Sun 30-Jan-11 18:25:25

Yes I love fantasy too - Robin Hobb is great, I've read her Liveship Trilogy and the first two of the 'Dragonkeeper' ones, should be a third coming out soon!

Haven't come across the Mistborn trilogy, is it good? Wheel of Time is on my list to read, there is a lot of it though!

Recently been reading George RR Martin's 'Song of Ice and Fire' which is very good, currently awaiting the 5th book...

Flame Sun 30-Jan-11 18:27:32

Ooooh Robin Hobb is awesome. I have never done the soldier son ones, but love the fool world trilogies - not done the second dragon keeper yet

Hmmm - Garth Nix - the sabriel ones rather than the days of the week ones.

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Jan-11 18:30:13

Soldier Son ones are rubbish IMO - if you like the Assassin books you need to read the Mad Ship ones.

George R R Martin is bastard - writes great books but keeps you waiting sooooooo loooooooong in between them. Plus he loves to kill off characters you like. Everything is definitely more grownup and dark than in the Robin Hobb books.

Is Brian Sanderson any good? Where should I start? He can't be too bad if he is carrying on the Wheel of Time books (which are great OP - you would like them).

If you don't mind clothes porn (and porn porn) in your fantasy books I recommend Kushiel's Dart - set in a fantasy France where prostitution is s sacred calling, the main charcter is a high class courtesan/spy.

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Jan-11 18:30:48

Sabriel & Days of the week ones by Garth Nix are more young adult than adult adult aren't they Flame?

Flame Sun 30-Jan-11 18:32:47

Aye - Kushiel

Sabriel is older than the weekdays, but not old iyswim. I was trying to think of ones that both me and XH like as we both love Hobb iyswim.

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Jan-11 18:34:35

In order of grownupness

Days of the week (whatever they're called)



Wheel of Time


Song of Ice and Fire

(I reckon - getting more violence and more sex and less suitable for young or sensitive readers)

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Jan-11 18:35:05

Glad you liked Kushiel - whatever happened to that book circle?

<sorry for hijack>

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Jan-11 18:35:56

On a very different vein - the Clan of the Cave Bear books are v interesting. 5 yr old girl found and raised by Neanderthals.

Flame Sun 30-Jan-11 18:36:35

Yup, sounds the right order to me.

Not a clue. I may have one of the books still blush. I got all buried under marriage and crap, then kind of forgot.

Did I tell you I got Kushiel's Chosen after that? Not read it yet as I kind of need a man in my life if I am starting in on it blush

Saltatrix Sun 30-Jan-11 18:37:19

Funny I have book 2 of the mistobrn as well I have not actually read it yet though.

Also you should read his new one The Way of Kings it's pretty immense.

George R R martin has almost finished his latest one btw and also the game of thrones has been made into a series comes out April this year

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Jan-11 18:42:39

Kushiel books get darker - #3 is painful to read in parts.

Ooh yes there's a big billboard that I cycle past with Sean Bean looking all medieval and I thought oooh, then I saw it said 'Game of Thrones' and I thought oooooooooooooh

TrollyMcTrollPants Sun 30-Jan-11 20:07:41

Has anyone read The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind? Another long series.

stressedHEmum Sun 30-Jan-11 20:24:52

Brandon Sanderson is all right, Mistborn trilogy is tolerable. Sadly, I can't come to terms with his WOT writing. I have been reading that for 20 years and he just doesn't have the characters right. I know that it's to be expected but sometimes the out-of-character dialogue really grates on me.

Robin Hobb is good. I love the Farseer one's (sad crush on Fitz)but didn't really like the live ships.

J.V. Jones is good. The Baker's Boy books were great and the Watcher of the Dead ones are good. Stephen DOnaldson's THomas Covenant books are awesome, at least until the last couple. I can't abide Linden Avery, the world's most useless heroine.

Raymond Feist if brilliant. I have never read a duff one of his. Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth books are fabulous until the descend into a platform for his own pomposity towards the end of the series. David Eddings Belgariad etc. and the SParhawk novels are lovely and his Redemption of ALthalus is really good. Steer clear of the Elder Gods ones, though, they are dire.

Trudy Cavanagh is an easy, is a bit predictable, read. I always liked Guy Gavriel Kay and Melanie Rawn as well. James CLemens Witch Star books are good.

I'll have a think and see what else I can come up with. AM a saddo who has been reading fantasy for more than 30 years, so some of it is a bit jumbled in my brain.

fishandlilacs Sun 30-Jan-11 20:35:44


I read clan of the cave bear years ago-v good read. Theres a sequel/or prequel too. Ill have a quick google and tell you in a mo.

StantonLacy Sun 30-Jan-11 20:37:16

I do love a bit of fantasy or sci fi every now again...have also started ploughing through the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time ones (don't know if I'll have the stamina for thirteen of them though!)

I really like a lot of Sheri S Teppers books - "Singer from the Sea" and "Grass" are both great, (although possibly count as sci fi ?)
For a fairytale style one I absolutely loved "Thomas the Rhymer" by Ellen Kushner and one of my all time top books is "The Golden Key" by Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliot - dealing with art and magic in a fantasy Italy setting and with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure.(I never thought a book with three authors would work - but it really, truly does)

But the best fantasy one I've read in a long time has got to be "The name of the wind" by Patrick Rothfuss - just brilliant, I cannot wait for the sequel. (which he keeps putting back for publication grrr...)

Haven't seen the Kushiel ones before, will definitely look them up now, they sound like just my sort of thing grin

Saltatrix Sun 30-Jan-11 20:37:23

Hey it's not sad we live in reality what's the harm in fantasy smile

I liked the farseer one as well although I just felt sorry for Fitz he just seemed to have some seriously bad luck. I read all those you mentioned except Guy Gavriel Kay, Melanie Rawn James Clemens.

Have you read The painted Man by Peter V. Brett or Brent Weeks? also David Anthony Durham?

fishandlilacs Sun 30-Jan-11 20:37:36

oooh-google has just thrown up lots. The one I read after was The valley of horses. I never realised there were more books in the series.

TrollyMcTrollPants Sun 30-Jan-11 20:38:21

Oooh! Had forgotten Feist!!! They are brilliant!!

stressedHEmum Sun 30-Jan-11 20:51:46

Oh aye, Brent Weeks is pretty good and I liked the Painted Man one as well. I don't think that I've read any D.A. Durham.

My adult kids are followers of Stephen Erikson and Ian CAmeron Esselmont (MAlazan EMpire stuff.) They also liked Tad Williams and Anne Macaffery.

Saltatrix Sun 30-Jan-11 21:52:42

Ah yes Steven Erikson you have to really pay attention when reading his books.

PoledrathePissedOffFairy Sun 30-Jan-11 21:59:17

Did someone call? <innocent look>

Clearly, as a character from The Belgariad (sort of, am in 'the Rainbow Fairy books they couldn't publish' disguise), I am a bit of a fan of this type of fiction.

Agree with Trills, Soldier Son was dire - and waaaaay too happy ending for my liking. I likes my hero(ine)s to suffer a bit.

Bearcrumble Sun 30-Jan-11 21:59:19

There is very little good fantasy out there. The best I've read is The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan. It's actually really, really amazingly good. rgan/dp/0575084812/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid= 1296424698&sr=1-4

And China Mieville - Perdido Street Station.

fishandlilacs Sun 30-Jan-11 22:37:37

I am eagerly awaiting the next dragon keeper-may have o read them all again when it comes out.

soldier son was just dull I thought-really not up scratch for her farseer and live ship stuff.

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