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Girl growing up with gran in streatham by a Marjorie somebody or the girl was called marjorie - help me find it!!!!!

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Justthisone Sat 15-Jan-11 09:24:00

I'm going nuts. Really hard to google it.

It was biographical, the author wrote a book about her mum's upbringing. The gran was quite abusive and iirc the end was quite cathartic when the main character eventually escaped her gran's influence or whatever. It was (or some of it was) set in Streatham (London). Either the author was Marjorie somebody, or the main character was Marjorie.

I'm not even sure if it should be classed as adult fiction, or older childrens' fiction.... i was reading it as a teen.

tethersend Sat 15-Jan-11 09:47:07

Wasn't by Angela Carter was it? Just a similar life...

Justthisone Sat 15-Jan-11 09:55:56

just wiki'd her, no it wasn't. Thanks tho.

tethersend Sat 15-Jan-11 10:13:44

I want to know now grin

Justthisone Sat 15-Jan-11 11:06:48

now when i search it this thread comes up at the top!!!! grin

Justthisone Sat 15-Jan-11 11:13:03

FOUND IT!!! The title suddenly came to me:

No End to Yesterday by Shelagh Macdonald. The main character is actually Marjory! yay. The synopsis doesn't mention it being about the author's mother, but I'm sure it is based on her (her mother's) upbringing.

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