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Army Quarter - downstairs loo reading [grin]

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vintageteacups Tue 11-Jan-11 23:04:02

Okay - so I've decided to build up a few books for the downstairs loo in my next army quarter.

however, I want to buy some really quirky, rare, weird little gems that will make people giggle.

To start I've just found the 'weird books' section on and pee-ed myself laughing at the book titled:

'All About Scabs'. This one, I will be buying for DH who has always since he was tiny, picked his scabs!

So list me your quirky/strange/vintage type books that'll make me laugh and that I can still purchase. The smaller the book in size the better really - it'll only be a small shelf I should imagine.

chickbean Tue 11-Jan-11 23:18:50

Most of the following are out-of-print but available second-hand:

I personally love "Knitting with dog hair" by Crolius and Montgomery with its tag-lines "better a sweater from a dog you love than a sheep you'll never meet" and "stop hoovering, start knitting". I neither knit, nor have a dog!

I also like "Women who run with the poodles."

Things like "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams and "Wanted Words" by Farrow are good books to dip into briefly.

One of my friends always has "Private Eye" in her loo - it became a euphemism in the house "I'm just going to read Private Eye".

vintageteacups Tue 11-Jan-11 23:33:31

cool chickbean - knitting with dog hair has really intrigued me!

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