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Fans of Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell et al

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ItsKurriiiistmas Mon 20-Dec-10 13:48:29

There is a programme on BBC4 tonight at 9p.m. on Scandinavian Crime Fiction, called 'Nordic Noir' which might be of interest smile

I'm currently enjoying Jo Nesbo's Snowman and would recommend it.

Greenmantle Mon 20-Dec-10 14:10:37

Excellent, thanks for the heads up.

I've just finished reading Nemesis by Jo Nesbo. I've read them all now, the next one is due out soonish (I hope)...

ChippyMinTurnAgainWhittington Mon 20-Dec-10 14:36:50

<sets sky+>
I've just finished a Per Wahloo.

brillopads Tue 21-Dec-10 21:51:44

Gah I only saw about this when I was reading the weekend paper- after it had been on. Good ol' i-player eh?

I enjoyed "Snowman" too, and have "Jar City" by Arnaldur Indridason To-be-read

pooka Tue 21-Dec-10 21:53:05

New Jo Nesbo being released in Jan.

The Snowman is bloody scary.

stickylittlefingers Tue 21-Dec-10 22:01:54

ooh, can I hijack a minute - I've only recently come to Mankell and Stieg Larsson, can you recommend more? Obviously Jo Nesbo is one to look out for...

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