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man book wanted for man who doesnt read

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mosschops30 Tue 14-Dec-10 23:27:54

Would like to get dh a book for xmas. We have a child free holiday coming up and I will be reading loads.

Anyone got any ideas what I could get for him as a non reader currently

Snorbs Tue 14-Dec-10 23:34:41

What are his interests? Any particular TV programmes he likes?

Plumm Tue 14-Dec-10 23:37:51

James Bond

Conn Iggulden (sp)

Flashman books

James Ellroy

All quite different subjects but all enjoyed by DH.

Plumm Tue 14-Dec-10 23:39:20

Should add that DH didn't read much until I met him, we went on holiday and he read my James Bond books (he was already a JB film fan).

ZacharyQuack Tue 14-Dec-10 23:39:27

Bill Bryson

snice Tue 14-Dec-10 23:39:39

QI book

Teela Tue 14-Dec-10 23:43:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnquietDad Tue 14-Dec-10 23:44:03

I have a friend who reads one book a year and the last one he liked was by Carl Hiassen.

ItsKurriiiistmas Wed 15-Dec-10 10:38:55

My DH is reads very little, (apart from scientific text books) but he does listen to audiobooks in the car on his MP3 player, so I usually get him those (last ones I think were Master and Commander and an Ian Rankin), - he also likes Bill Bryson, Terry Pratchett, and Douglas Adams.

mosschops30 Wed 15-Dec-10 12:12:07

He likes windsurfing and photography and works in construction (helping lol hmm)

He likes Fringe/Lost/Haven/House/The Event on tv.

Does that narrow anything down?

ChristmasTrulyReigns Wed 15-Dec-10 12:14:55

I'd go for Bill Bryson - the one abput travelling round the UK. Sorry I can't remember what it's called.

ChristmasTrulyReigns Wed 15-Dec-10 12:16:49

Oh and what's Fringe and Haven?

DH and I like all the others, so you may be onto a winning recommendation for us.grin

mosschops30 Wed 15-Dec-10 18:24:50

Fringe is fantastic but on season 3 now i think so you'd have to catch up. This series is amazing.

haven is on its 1st series on Syfy, its a bit lame but harmless. Based on Stephen King's novel The colarado kid.

Thanks for the recommendation, will look into the Bill bryson (and can always read it myself if he doesnt)

Poshpaws Wed 15-Dec-10 18:32:29

Is it 'Notes on a small island' or something similar?

Does he like funny facts type stuff? DH is the same and I bought him 'The Darwin Awards' books for Christmas.

FortiesCromarty Wed 15-Dec-10 18:32:56

The Mortdecai Trilogy by Kyril Bonfiglioli, very funny enjoyed by all men I know who've read it.

NorbertDentressangelOnTheTree Wed 15-Dec-10 18:36:17

There are lots of biographies/autobiographies around

eg. a lot of current comedians if he's into comedy (Michael McIntyre, Jack Dee, Frankie Boyle) or someone like John Peel if he's into music.

colditz Wed 15-Dec-10 18:36:28

If he doesn't choose to read as a hobby, you should respect that and get him something he WOULD like. He's not a 7 year old boy.

mosschops30 Wed 15-Dec-10 18:36:45

Whats 'The Darwin Awards'?

Am I making a huge mistake buying a book for someone that never reads?

mosschops30 Wed 15-Dec-10 18:38:21

yes colditz I accept that but hes gonna be stuck with me away all week reading and thought he could have something to browse through rather than a serious read.

If I bought something he liked it would be a £900 board or a camera filter for about £350 so not really an option as a xmas pressie for holidays

Poshpaws Wed 15-Dec-10 18:39:43

Well, like I said, DH does not read much, but I know he would like the books that I bought.

'The Darwin Awards' are tales about people getting themselves into really idiotic scrapes and unbelievable scenarios. Sounds a bit crap the way I have described it, but they can be very funny grin.

Look them up on Amazon

panettoinydog Wed 15-Dec-10 18:39:49

If he doesn't read I'm not sure why you are buying a book as a present.

Fair enough if you said, do you want me to get a book for you for the hol and what do you fancy? But not as a christmas present.

Blu Wed 15-Dec-10 18:40:29

The VIZ Annual.

Poshpaws Wed 15-Dec-10 18:41:29

Dh does read when we are on holiday but not otherwise. I don't get it, either.

katykoo Wed 15-Dec-10 18:46:40

Dh only reads on holidays too, he likes non fiction and auto biographies. Mostly about his favourite football team or true crime. I've bought him a book for Christmas about Charles Bronson (the criminal not the actor). Thought he could read it when we go away.... in May.

AuntyJ Wed 15-Dec-10 18:48:36

DH doesnt only reads on holiday otherwise its science or music mags.
The only book Ive ever heard him rave about is The Kite Runner he couldnt put it down. Its a great book.

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