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Catherine Fox - any similar recommendations?

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Chocaholica Sun 05-Dec-10 21:17:02

Some years ago my mum and I read Catherine Fox's three novels and both liked them - she really liked them. I have been trying to find a similar writer to buy her a book for Christmas but am failing! Does anyone have any recommendations?

I know her novels feature C of E contexts, but it's not the religous part that interests my mum so much as the style. Something more thoughtful than chicklit... does anyone have any thoughts?

dweezle Wed 08-Dec-10 16:19:56

I love Catherine Fox, especially Angels and Men (Johnny Whittaker makes me go weak at the knees - I see him as a cross between Richard Armitage and Sean Bean.......)

Have you read any Barbara Trapido. Start with Brother of the More Famous Jack. I also think some of Elinor Lipman's novels may be of interest - slightly more chic lit than the others, but a good read.

Penelope Fitzgerald?

UnquietDad Wed 08-Dec-10 16:24:38

I quite liked Angels and men but it didn't half go on a bit. The heroine started to annoy me after a while. Haven't read her two sequels.

Penelope Lively?

Chocaholica Wed 08-Dec-10 21:15:42

Thanks for the recommendations! I've been looking at the suggestions on Amazon. Penelope Lively I have heard of, obviously, but somehow never read - her stuff looks good - what would you recommend as a starting point? I'd never heard of Elinor Lipman but she looks like someone my mum would definitely go for.

Barbara Trapido I LOVE. I have heard her two readings from her novels twice, albeit ten years ago, and I think I have all her books.

Hmm, Mara isnt too likeable a heroine, but I liked Angels and Men anyway. It is kind of sad to see her in Love for the Lost almost being cheated on by Johnny....

UnquietDad Wed 08-Dec-10 23:55:43

Well, I liked all her pre-Booker ones - Perfect Happiness, Treasures of Time and so on - but I was very young when I read them. Currently trying her new one and the smug middle-classness of it is annoying me intensely! Still think Moon Tiger is very good though.

Chocaholica Thu 09-Dec-10 07:32:25

OK, I'll go for Moon Tiger or an early one.

Going to do an Amazon order later... assuming the deliveries can make it through the snow before Christmas...

Chocaholica Sat 11-Dec-10 18:37:32

Didn't do the Amazon order as remembered that amidst the snow around here, delivery vans are unable/unwilling to deliver. The snow has since melted, but I've been into Waterstones today and started Moon Tiger - it's really compelling. Thank you.

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