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A famous writer G B Shaw) said all the professions cheat us

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GabbyLoggon Mon 29-Nov-10 14:06:28

Do all the prfessions still rip us off? Think VETS, PLUMBERS, BUILDERS. supermarkets
even.....solcitors etc etc

Was clever old George Bernard Shaw right.

I suppose the professions will defend themselves; but I am talking about peope who use their services...the customers

what has been your experience

GabbyLoggon Mon 29-Nov-10 14:27:48

I dont mean just the cheats who cheat little old ladies in fron of secret TV cameras (you will have seen them)

I mean all the professions

lollipopshoes Mon 29-Nov-10 14:31:21

I'm sure there is a proportion of all the professions that do cheat us, yes.

But I'm sure that there are also honest members of all those professions who wouldn't dream of it and would be upset at being bundled in with the cheats.

So, to answer the question... dunno grin

nagynolonger Mon 29-Nov-10 14:37:36

The supermarkets rip everyone off because they want to maximise profits for their shareholders.

The others you mention tend to be self employed. Looking at it from their point of view. They will have worked hard(long hours etc), and have to cover overheads, not get time off or sick pay when they are ill. They probably feel justified in charging customers what they think they can get away with!

nagynolonger Mon 29-Nov-10 14:46:16

Some of the professions you mention vets, solicitors need degree and often other qualifications. Nowdays as well as running a business, paying a mortgage, childcare, maybe school fees, They have student debt to pay off. Things are not going to get better. We will have to pay for their university education in the end!

GabbyLoggon Mon 29-Nov-10 14:59:42

Its all very sensible so far.

I heard that pub treats had a 60 per cent mark up seemed a tad excessive.

The energy companies are said to be ripping us off.

(There is a current enqiry)

VETS are said tobe charging extortionately

A well expereincced solicitor might charge 150 quid an hour.

we seem to be at their mercy.

KurriKurri Mon 29-Nov-10 20:40:30

Don't mean to be rude, but is adult Fiction quite the right section for this debate? (apart from the mention of Shaw obviously grin) You might get more responses in chat or AIBU.

GabbyLoggon Wed 01-Dec-10 15:07:02

you are not being rude Kurri I do tend to post all over ze place....Had a foot of snow last night met a woman who said she had 8 inches in Luton The smile was still on her face

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