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If you love David Lodge and/or Anne Tyler

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FanjoKazooie Fri 12-Nov-10 23:18:56

who else do you enjoy reading?

stleger Fri 12-Nov-10 23:34:03

Mavis Cheek, Deborah Moggach, Laurie Graham, Kate Atkinson, some Anita Shreve.

EmmalinaC Fri 12-Nov-10 23:37:00

Barbara Trapido

There is no-one finer.

KurriKurri Fri 12-Nov-10 23:37:48

Michael Frayn (Headlong one of my favourites)

Malcolm Bradbury (The History Man, Eating people is Wrong)

You might like Robertson Davies if you haven't tried him.

Kingsley Amis (earlier stuff best IMO)

Susan Hill, Kate Atkinson, Mary Wesley perhaps?

stleger Fri 12-Nov-10 23:44:58

Oh yes Barbara Trapido is an excellent woman! I can't read anyone 'like David Lodge' though, apart from a couple of Bradburys. Howard Jacobsen?

maktaitai Fri 12-Nov-10 23:53:46

Nancy Mitford

FanjoKazooie Sat 13-Nov-10 22:29:00

Thanks for the suggestions, will go to the library with a print out of this page!

posey Sat 13-Nov-10 22:30:52

Tom Perrotta
Jonathan Coe
Barbara Vine (earlier stuff, she seems to have lost her touch with more recent offerings)

lilolilmanchester Sat 13-Nov-10 22:37:57

If you like Anne Tyler, have you tried Anita Shreve? Tho very different to David Lodge

HopeForTheBestExpectTheWorst Tue 16-Nov-10 21:02:14

Oooh, just needed some new ideas for books to read over the long, dark winter months.
Love Anne Tyler, Anita Shreve and Kate Atkinson.
Could someone suggest titles by eg Barbara Trapido or any of the others mentioned?

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