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ITV Drama 'The Little House'

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Tippietoes Tue 02-Nov-10 15:18:48

Did anyone watch this last night at 9pm. I did and although it was good, it was spoiled a bit by the fact that they veered away so much from the facts of the book, which I read a few weeks ago. Why did they make her a teacher instead of a journolist for instance?

vintageteacups Tue 02-Nov-10 23:39:39

OMG - have just sat and watched it on itvplayer - made me scream inside. That evil mother in law!! what a cow.

Hope it has a good ending.

Great too that they're covering postnatal psycosis

Tippietoes Mon 08-Nov-10 22:23:18

I have just watched the final episode, they changed lots of pointless things, but I decided to overlook this a give it the benefit of the doubt. But how could they have changed the dramatic ending so radically; it turned out to be so predictable, I mean the old 'pushed down the stairs' chestnut. What happened to the faulty lawn mower and pram scenario?!

kimiasol Tue 09-Nov-10 09:26:06

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