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The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

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whensteaready Tue 26-Oct-10 15:23:56

Can anyone please tell me what the significance of the "mould guy" was in this book, especially the reference to him at the end, its driving me crazy.

rubbersoul Tue 26-Oct-10 15:25:58

Have just finished reading it, that also had me stumped!

DH is reading it at the mo, was going to ask him when he had finished but will be watching this thread now!

rubbersoul Tue 26-Oct-10 20:58:58

Bumping... surely someone else on here has read this?

whensteaready Wed 27-Oct-10 16:55:17

Have Emailed publisher via Nesbo`s website will keep you posted!

deedar Wed 27-Oct-10 16:58:50

dunno. thought it was going to turn out to be the killer. kind of gave up caring though as the book was a bit rubbish and couldn't be bothered to think about it!

Horton Wed 27-Oct-10 17:16:48

I didn't get it, either. I really liked the book, though. Will be reading some more Nesbo soon.

rubbersoul Wed 27-Oct-10 21:02:31

I too at first thought that he would turn out to be the killer, deedar

VivClicquot Tue 02-Nov-10 16:17:20

Ha, I have just finished reading this, and like the rest of you, was convinced it would turn out that he was the murderer - especially when he had to replaster the walls after spilling blood on it (which then led Harry to realising what had happened with the chickens).

That said, I really enjoyed the book and didn't expect the murderer to be who it turned out to be. Am looking forward to the next one by Nesbo.

notinmypocket Tue 02-Nov-10 16:55:48

Any news on this rubbersoul? Just finished reading it and am baffled as well

notinmypocket Tue 02-Nov-10 16:56:59

sorry - was whensteaready who emailed publisher not rubbersoul

whensteaready Wed 03-Nov-10 15:53:53

Have not heard anything yet from the publishers.I think he must be a red herring and also so that Harry could discover what happened with the chickens. I have started to read The Redbreast which is the first in the Harry Hole series, it is quite hard going.

ashley11 Thu 19-May-11 05:52:30

I am going crazy with this question! Maybe its Harry, and he really is crazy. It had to be him sleepwalking working on the so-called "mold" problem throughout the book. I don't know! HELP!

bonnetarte Fri 20-May-11 15:08:01

read The Leopard more refs there

HopeEternal Fri 20-May-11 19:48:31

I will probably finish The Snowman tonight. The Snowman has been revealed and it's now just a matter of getting him.

Am I nuts, or was there a brief scene fairly early in the book when Katrine went for Harry before just turning around and walking out? That was never referred to nor did it appear to affect how Harry interacted with her afterwards.

I will go back and look for it when I've finished the book as it's really been bugging me.

Unless, given my propensity to fall asleep in the middle of a page, I just dreamt the whole thing.

pcycle Wed 28-Sep-11 18:11:44

I too am puzzled by the "mold" or "mould" man at the end. I started to think "Shutter Island" or "Angel's Game," but that type of twist didn't seem to make sense in the context of the series. Can't say that the enigma is driving me crazy, but certainly leaves me unsatisfied.

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