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Book for a wedding gift?

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yUMMYmUMMYb Thu 23-Sep-10 16:20:32

No, i am not just being stingy... My brother is getting married and i wanted to give him and his new bride a book - and this is where i need your help. He gave me and my DH a book when we got married (Tuesdays with Morrie) and i wanted to give him something similar.
They are very much into buddhism, grow your own veg, keeping animals, yoga (you get the picture). I need some inspiration for a deep and meaningful book as i am normally a chick lit kind of girl.
I have a bit of time as they are not getting married until next summer, but i want to find the RIGHT book and have read it too.
All suggestions gratefully accepted.

LightShinesInTheDarkness Thu 23-Sep-10 22:15:06

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho

yUMMYmUMMYb Fri 24-Sep-10 12:33:19

Thank you LightShinesinTheDarkness that definitely gives me some reading before the big event.

Medee Sun 26-Sep-10 23:08:51

maybe not in the right lines, but apparently every Italian bride is given a copy of the the Silver Spoon (the Independent's round up of the best cook books told me so)

yUMMYmUMMYb Mon 27-Sep-10 12:16:45

that sounds lovely medee - just the thing to get married life off on the right footing. And a bit of tradition behind it too. Thanks

ArsMamatoria Thu 25-Nov-10 21:16:56

I think this book makes a good wedding present - The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit. It's basically a rather lovely list of foods that go together, both familiar combinations and unusual ones. Nicely symbolic. I have got it for some friends for their wedding.

BikeRunSki Thu 25-Nov-10 21:19:49

How about "The Five People you meet in Heaven" - also by Mitch Albom (who wrote "Tuesdays With Morrie" - and similarly thought provoking?

melliebobs Sat 14-May-11 19:19:33

karma sutra?! sorry was just the first thing that came into my idiotic head. i will

PieMistress Sat 28-May-11 12:55:15

Second nomination for The Alchemist, after I read it I bought it for lots of presents as I was so blown away by it

munstersmum Thu 09-Jun-11 21:26:16

A book of love poems?

KvetaBarry Thu 09-Jun-11 21:27:58

not The Art of War. And especially not The Art of War in czech. Unless both the bride AND the groom are czech. <not bitter>

FreeButtonBee Thu 09-Jun-11 21:31:42

Are they going anywhere interesting on honeymoon? Might be nice link with their wedding. Or the plave that they are getting married or another place that is special to them. I think coffee table books ith loads of pictures are really lovely.

jacksmummy09 Mon 13-Jun-11 11:55:30

You could buy them book vouchers for Waterstones/WHSmith etc then they could choose their own title.

rimz Thu 16-Jun-11 10:56:44

The Power of Now or A New Earth both by Eckhart Tolle

madhousewife Tue 28-Jun-11 19:26:36

Mr and Mrs Smith's hotel guide?
Are they into travelling?

I also like the Flavour Thesaurus, it's a great book and looks cool.

archanat10 Wed 29-Jun-11 18:33:38

a suitable boyby vikram seth..its never ending and just too beautiful

yogafan Tue 20-Nov-12 21:21:37

They sound lovely - I really recommend 'A Path With Heart' by Jack Kornfield. It is basically a Buddhist book, so maybe they already have it... It is very beautiful and inspiring, I'm sure they'd love it.

SecondhandRose Wed 21-Nov-12 20:32:46

Someone bought us a beautiful world atlas and wrote in the front 'wishing you a world of happiness' and the family all signed it. Still have it 20years later.

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