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Anyone like Phillipa Gregory books?

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musicgalhappykathy0 Fri 20-Aug-10 20:36:54

I am just reading the new Phillipa Gregory book "The White Queen" and it is excellent.

Anyone else read it or like her books?

BelligerentGhoul Fri 20-Aug-10 20:39:06

I really liked the first two I read of hers and then I realised that they are all essentially the same book, with the same characters, that just have the word order re-jigged a bit. I would rather read one of hers than have nothing to read but probably won't bother with another unless I'm desperate.

stripeyknickersspottysocks Fri 20-Aug-10 20:42:10

I quite liked the Wideacre books. Haven't read any of her others.

ivykaty44 Fri 20-Aug-10 20:44:11

love her history books but not read her other stuff - dd1 got me on to her books

catsdontscreetch Fri 20-Aug-10 20:50:10

Not so keen on the Wildacre books, but loved the Tudor stuff.

Just read White Queen, but was dreading the bit of the 'Princes in the Tower'. Looking forward to reading the Red Queen.

cornsillkk Fri 20-Aug-10 20:51:54

I read that on my hols - thought it was great.Am so glad I didn't live in that period though!

choufleur Fri 20-Aug-10 20:54:26

Got a bit bored with the tudor ones. First couple were good but them a bit samey (and there are loads of other tudor books about). really enjoyed the white queen.

Who is the Red Queen cats?

choufleur Fri 20-Aug-10 20:55:05

Have you read any of Alison weir's fiction books music? they are good.

seaturtle Fri 20-Aug-10 20:57:44

Really enjoyed "The Other Queen" but didn't like "The White Queen" and never finished it.

thesecondcoming Fri 20-Aug-10 21:19:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ravenAK Fri 20-Aug-10 21:22:46

She really, really likes the word 'gleam'.

Her feisty heroines are always gleaming at people...

That said, I did quite like the Wideacre books. Think it was the Anne Boleyn one that finished me off!

bluebump Fri 20-Aug-10 22:46:57

I really like her, I wasn't overly impressed with the White Queen though. I am now starting on the Wideacre trilogy which I've had on the shelf for years and never started!

Fuchzia Fri 20-Aug-10 22:55:15

Have read Tudor ones but think the quality varied enormously, the Boleyn inheritance read like it had been bashed out over a weekend. White Queen was back on form I thought

oftenpurple Sat 21-Aug-10 08:19:49

I've been a fan of her work for ages and have read everything she's written (with the exception of one of the Wideacre ilk). Started The White Queen with high hopes but haven't even got half way through.

I did go to a talk she did last year and was very impressed. I think the Red Queen might be a bit more interesting - the main character is Margaret Beaufort (Henry VIII's grandmother) and her experience of the War of the Roses.

I do like all these strong female characters, it's must be said

wukter Sat 21-Aug-10 19:56:45

The first one of hers I read was The Other Boleyn Girl, brilliant for atmosphere and foreboding, nothing else has matched it IMO.

Though I did like The Little House, more female rivalry in a contemporary setting.

sethstarkaddersmum Sat 21-Aug-10 19:58:58

I'm halfway through The White Queen, really good.

Never finished The Other Queen. Have read quite a few others - the first of the Tradescant ones is great.

Anyone know if The Constant Princess is any good?

wukter Sat 21-Aug-10 20:05:09

It's quite good alright, but it doesn't reach the heights of the Boletn Girl, IMO. I find all her books ever so slightly disappointing after the Boleyn Girl, though they are good solidly enjoyable works. AFAI remember it's Catherine of Aragon - The Early Years.
Interesting to see how she has developed the characters, if you are following the Tudor series.
I am looking forward to the Red Queen.

bamboostalks Sat 21-Aug-10 20:11:11

I thought the wideacre books were quite strange, sexually explicit in an odd and unsettling way iykwim. The Other Boleyn Girl was terrific though, that is the best one. If you do like historical fiction, then would really recommend Sharon Penman. Truly great.

wukter Sat 21-Aug-10 20:13:48

The Wideacre books were very much of our time imagining the past, rather than the past itself, IMO. Inauthentic, (in so far as we can tell, I suppose)

stripeyknickersspottysocks Sat 21-Aug-10 22:01:20

Agree that the sexual undercurrents in Wideacre were a bit unsettling. Reminded me a bit of Flowers In The Attic, almost like it was a case of putting sex in where it wasn't needed for the storyline.

sailaboattvgal Sat 21-Aug-10 22:24:53

Love em. She did a fantastic author talk at Woking on Thursday last . (should pontifate more profoundly.. but hey it's saturday nite and DH is asleep having watched the footy).

She was fab, brought history to life. TBH I've only read 3. Loved The other Boylyn (spelling?) girl and the contstant princess. But as old timers would say , though I am rich in family - I am poor in time. So reading the White Queen which is very high on my.... MUST READ SOON list ... will fall below all the other mundane jobs. So totally unlike Margaret Beaufort or the other big women of Phillipa's I will put the daily routine first.... ahh a chance to read, to dream, to sleep and off I go to SLEEP.

EricNorthmansmistress Sun 22-Aug-10 20:35:56

I have read all her books. Have enjoyed almost all of them - the exceptions being 'Mrs Hartley and the growth centre' and 'Zelda's cut' which are both early and quite shit. I loved the wideacre trilogy, the Tradescant books were a bit forgettable but I enjoyed them at the time. The little house is chilling and brilliant, as is Fallen skies. have ordered the Red queen and although the tudor books do tend to bleed into each other in my mind i still enjoy them all!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 22-Aug-10 20:39:47

SethStarkAdder - I've just finished The Constant Princess. I bought it 2nd hand and I'm more than happy to send it to you? I really enjoyed it. Not as much as some of the other Tudor books. But like I've tried to read The Other Queen and can't finish it. I think it's because the narrator swaps around so much - it's more than my tired brain can take!

I'm off to order the White Queen.....

purplehonesty Sun 22-Aug-10 21:12:38

I've read all her books but I couldnt read the end of the white queen, my hubby bought it for me on my birthday last year and I had DS 3 days later. So I knew how the plot went roughly and when it got close to the end I put the book away as I was already so emotional, I couldnt deal with the 2 little boys drama! It was almost like Joey from friends putting the shining in the freezer!
I still haven't read it (am big sop) grin

porcamiseria Sun 29-Aug-10 09:48:11

The Wise Woman was one of the darkest books I ever read, shudder

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