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Robin McKinley anyone?

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lucysnowe Tue 27-Jul-10 16:51:08

Was feeling a bit bleugh last month so had a bit of a Robin McKinley splurge and bought Rose Daughter and Sunshine. Rose Daughter I could take or leave (I prefer Beauty, it's a total comfort book) but LOVED Sunshine! Bit of a different take on the old vampire romance trope. Also, really made me want to go and eat cakes. Have now reserved The Blue Sword and The Door in the Hedge (I remember reading the latter ages ago when I was at school shock) Anyone else a fan?

kellestar Fri 27-Aug-10 21:45:44

I am such a fan. Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown are my comfort books. I just adore them, I read them first about 15 [or more] years ago. I also read these at school, while hiding out in the library.

Sunshine is a good book, It's not a soppy romancey vampire book. I liked the concept and it seemed so different from what she would normally write.

I agree with Rose Daughter, I like Beauty and a Door in the Hedge as well.

She also wrote Deerskin, which I like, it's rather sad, but well written. A girls love for her dog. It will make you cry.

lucysnowe Tue 31-Aug-10 09:01:37

Just read The Hero and the Crown, it was v. good. I think I should have read The Blue Sword first tho?

I quite fancy Deerskin but it is a bit harrowing, isn't it? Dealing with her father raping her etc?

meridian Thu 02-Sep-10 17:02:28

I loved Sunshine... I read it a few weeks ago and loved that is was diffrent that the usual vampire romance..

I read Beauty and I liked it too.. I have an addiction to fairy tales ... but the ending it seemed a bit rushed...

Blue Sword and Deerskin are on one of my many book lists but I have a huge stack of books to get through before I go buying more. grin

lucysnowe Fri 24-Sep-10 12:47:27

Sunshine is definitely ace, it should be better known, now that vampires are all the rage. And a film maybe??

I have bought Blue Sword but am saving it till I get through the great wodge of Darkmans :-)

kellestar Mon 17-Oct-11 17:21:03

Just finished reading Pegasus, looks like it's going to be a big series as the plot building and history was grand, as good as her damar books.

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