What is the new WW like?

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Gingerkittykat Sat 13-Jul-19 01:37:35

I had a quick browse on a thread and it seems like it is more like slimming world now, ie lots of free food with some points rather than count everything.

Would it work for me? I eat out a lot, mostly simple things like supermarket meal deals for lunch or Mcdonalds. A veggie wrap is about 350 calories, easy to fit into just calorie counting but would something like that just take me over my points allowance?

I need the accountability of being regularly weighed but not sure if this plan would be good for me.

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NewYoiker Sat 13-Jul-19 02:23:35

Hello smile I have 33 points a day and I find it works.

I've added the points value for a wrap. However you can switch it up. As all fruit and veg are point free now as well as eggs and some lean meats x

I love being able to eat out and be accountable

Gingerkittykat Sat 13-Jul-19 03:24:03

Thanks, it might be worth me giving it a go. I hated the fact that a simple sandwich could take me over my syns limit in SW.

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