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What is the best choice to have at Indian restaurant

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KHall84 Thu 13-Jun-19 18:10:34

I am out sat and were going for a Indian and am wondering what the best choice is for a main meal please? Would prefer something hicken not prawns thanks

abitoflight Thu 13-Jun-19 18:12:05

Tandoori chicken no sides from memory

Hollowvictory Thu 13-Jun-19 18:14:04

Yes tandoori ri chicken without the ghee.

Felicia4 Thu 13-Jun-19 18:14:49

I don't so weight watchers, but generally anything grilled not fried with no sauce is the least calorific.

tshirtsuntan Thu 13-Jun-19 18:16:40

Chicken shashlik is lower fat/calls too.

tshirtsuntan Thu 13-Jun-19 18:17:04

*cals not calls!

Watto1 Thu 13-Jun-19 18:18:25

Go for dry dishes like chicken tikka and tandoori chicken.

crustycrab Thu 13-Jun-19 18:42:12

Chicken shashlik without the sauce.

KHall84 Thu 13-Jun-19 18:56:57

Thank you all so much I will do that smile

Bluesheep8 Sat 15-Jun-19 08:31:18

Whilst on the subject, can I ask for thoughts on chicken biryani without the sauce? A friend has made this, it's chicken thigh I think, rice and spices. Just wondering how to work out the SP in it. WW specifies SP for uncooked rice but not cooked. Also, if I weigh it I have to somehow allow for the chicken and onions adding to the weight iyswim?

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