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Thoughts on the new WW plan? Dithering on joining

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SuperCoop3r Sat 27-Apr-19 18:31:48

What do you guys think? I need to lose 3 stone - is WW worth trying? Tempted by another VLCD but could try the new WW plan.

Any success stories to spur me on? Thanks

aarell Sat 27-Apr-19 23:23:45

Yes, I started early last may and needed to lose 2.5 for August. Not saying it was easy at first but I lost weight weekly and it got easier as i went along. Top tips, track everything you eat, be organised, i sometimes work long hours so used to take all my food to work and stuck to it, I was not then tempted by what was on offer at work. I also started to drink more water and found this does depress the hunger pangs! Stick with it even if you have a bad day, carry on the next it does work. Good luck.

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