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lavalamp08 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:04:43

Hi. I'm weighing up my options whether to give weight watchers a whirl again after realising slimming world no longer works for me (after joining and re-joining a shitload of times in the past 15 years)
I did weight watchers back in the day but it was when you just ate their meals and now I have a family it's not feasible to do that, assuming that's what still happened, could anyone share their typical daily meal plan to see if it would suit me. Thanks

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lawlaw14 Mon 08-Apr-19 20:30:54

I’ve yoyoed 32 years so I lose slow and only eat daily’s my average day is



Egg mayo sandwich
Baked crisp

Jacket potatoe
Big salad
Chicken breasts baked

I’ve enough points left for porridge

I’d had 23 sp


0% fat fage
Fresh pineapple cubes

WW wrap
Chicken breast sliced
Mayo and bbq sauce


Roast chicken
Aunt Nessie’s roast potatoes
Corn on cob
Veg broccoli carrots green beans
2 stuffing balls

Baked crisp

20 sps

lawlaw14 Mon 08-Apr-19 20:31:25

I’ve lost 2 stone 8 lbs in 8 months and dropped 3 dress sizes in nearly 50

Wilma55 Mon 08-Apr-19 20:35:03

Milk for tea
B. 0% fat Greek yog with fruit
L home made swede carrot and lentil soup
D chicken breast various veg mash potato and gravy

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