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Thinking of switching to weight watchers from Cambridge Diet - Good Idea?

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belasjourney Fri 01-Mar-19 20:04:34

Hi all,

I have been on the Cambridge weight plan since 2017.
I have lost a little over 5stones since then.
Took a lot of detours on the way and took a lot longer to drop the 5 stones than many others but still glad I did it.

I am considering switching to WW for the following reasons:
1. CWP is prohibitively expensive
2. It hasn't improved my problematic relationship with food.
3. Fitness is not dwelled upon too much in CWP its more about weight loss.
4. I want to set a healthy lifestyle example for my daughter and not focus on the scales so much

Will WW work for me? I don't know too much about the programme. Only that there are weekly meetings and weigh ins. And you count food points.

What I liked about Cwp was it took a lot of food preparation out of the picture. That suited my lifestyle because although i cook for my family daily it's easier to not dwell on making a healthier meal for myself after that.

I like the 1:1 support that is an integral part of CWP

Has any one switched from CWP to WW? Any other experiences input welcome. Ideally I would like to lose another 3st but 2st 5lbs will put in the healthy BMI range

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