A few questions as a new online weight watcher.

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Hotterthanahotthing Fri 15-Feb-19 23:24:03

There is a group close to me but I would not be able to attend often,can I go as a sort of pay as I go customer so just pay on days I attend?
I have joined on line and think I have got the hang of it.I am about 3.5 stone over weight(weighed at an appointment for future surgery).I eat a piscatarian diet and although I am being as accurate as I can be I seem hardly to have tweaked my diet and have points to spare(shared a bottle of wine and still have lots of weekly points left).
I think since I'm just starting and it seems that I am changing very little ,can I trust the points?Can it be this easy?

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FiveShelties Mon 18-Feb-19 06:58:29

Try it and see what happens. I joined 7 weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds and I can honestly say I have not exactly stuck to it very well - usually very good during the week and then along comes the week-end. I want to lose another pound before my holiday and am delighted with the 10 pounds gone. Good Luck smile

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