Furious at weigh in!

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codenameduchess Wed 30-Jan-19 18:24:00

I've been 100% on plan, not used weeklies, not even used all the daily points as I've had a lot of veg/0 point food, been to the gym twice plus 3 home workouts AND I GAINED 1LB!! 🤬🤬

What the actual fuck, I'm in week 4 if ww and have lost steady up to now, even on an actual bad week when I went out twice for meals I only gained half a lb 🤬 😭

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RaggieDolls Wed 30-Jan-19 18:24:57

This drives me nuts. I hate how the effort : reward isn't always there with weight loss.

Watto1 Wed 30-Jan-19 18:25:45

It’ll probably show on the scales next week. I always run a week behind.

SuperMam123 Wed 30-Jan-19 18:27:04

Is it time of the month by any chance or coming up to it? That can affect weight loss.

FiveShelties Thu 31-Jan-19 04:49:55

I have lost weight when I never thought I would, and gained when I was sure I would lose. My body does not work to my WW weigh ins😂

How have you done overall, that is what matters - that is what I keep telling myself anyway but it is very annoying.

codenameduchess Thu 31-Jan-19 09:51:30

Overall I'm about 7lb down in the 4 weeks but that's with my birthday weekend... I'm on it this week hoping for a decent loss next week 🤞

Didn't manage the pre weigh in clear out which doesn't help 😂

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DianaT1969 Thu 31-Jan-19 13:12:18

Workouts can cause temporary water gain - I forget the science. Don't be disheartened. Weight loss isn't linear, though I wish it was. You have done really well and it'll go in the right direction if you keep up the good work.


Peaspleaselouise Thu 31-Jan-19 20:33:52

Try using your weeklies. They're there to be used! I for one need some fat in my diet to keep losing weight (odd but true).

I ALWAYS use ALL my weeklies and consistently lose weight so long as I stick to plan

MiceSqueakCatsMeow Thu 31-Jan-19 20:52:09

Even 0 point food has calories. Try My fitness pal. It's a more accurate way of counting calories. Also if you're exercising more, you will have increased your muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat. Also bear in mind it could be hormonal bloating.

codenameduchess Thu 31-Jan-19 20:55:07

I dont really need them tbh @Peaspleaselouise I don't struggle without and not going hungry, I just tend to use more 0 point food in cooking and snack on fruit. My daily points tend to go on a bit of pasta/rice or a baked potato.

Today I've had 3 meals plus snacks and I'm only on 19 points!

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concernedforthefuture Thu 31-Jan-19 21:05:33

Lady time?

codenameduchess Fri 01-Feb-19 08:12:40

@concernedforthefuture about a week away still.

Argh there's much talk of a lunchtime Chinese at work because it's 2 birthdays and a mat leave starting today....

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Grenoble124 Fri 01-Feb-19 15:37:26

In order to stick to the plan you need to eat your weeklies and dailies or you won't lose weight.

obviouslymarvellous Sun 03-Feb-19 08:48:09

Muscle does not weigh more than fat! A lb is a lb - it's just more dense. My weight fluctuates a lot can vary by 3-4lbs in a few days and I exercise every day. I've been doing ww for 10 days now and have lost 4lbs but the past few days weight has stayed same even though I've been really good. I think it's trial and error finding what works with the dailies and weeklies as some lose eating all, some lose eating none. I'm going to eat into a few of my weeklies I think next week and see how I go as I have a feeling I'm not eating enough (just slightly) ww so far though has been good as I had zero portion control and it's showing me how to eat more balanced.

WeMarchOn Sun 03-Feb-19 08:51:50

I'm doing SW but last week i was sure I would lose to, i had run 7 miles on treadmill night before and I bloody gained a pound

Justmeagain123 Sun 03-Feb-19 09:03:53

I always maintained or gained the week of my period then had a bigger loss the following week, I guess it's water retention or whatever but the fat loss was still there, I never weigh around this time now! See where you are next week.

CaptainCarp Sun 03-Feb-19 09:03:58

Have you upped the number or intensity of your workouts this week?
As pp said this can cause weight gain through water retention due to the healing /building muscle process. Also increasing muscle mass to cope with the exercise.
How do your clothes feel? Muscle is denser than fat so your measurements might decrease or not change but you'll weigh more/same.
Also I think sometimes for some reason your body just doesn't play ball & there's no particular reason! Just don't get disheartened & keep it up. Also you should go for the Chinese it's not bad as long as your overall diet is balanced.

codenameduchess Sun 03-Feb-19 10:03:50

@CaptainCarp I 100% had the Chinese 😂

I've used more points this week, but on better choices like rice, potato, pasta instead of using cauli rice or squash spaghetti to see if it helps. Also went wild last night and had a 6sp sausage! 😲

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noodlenosefraggle Fri 29-Mar-19 23:15:27

What are weeklies? Is it a fat allowance? I'm on SW but thinking of giving up for the same reason. I wanted to see if it was worth trying WW but I didn't want to swap one obsession with syns for another obsession with something else.

poppet31 Fri 29-Mar-19 23:31:24

There are so many reasons why you could have gained weight that are completely unrelated to gaining fat. Our weight fluctuates daily. It's why weekly weighing is never going to be completely accurate.

codenameduchess Sat 30-Mar-19 07:28:59

@noodlenosefraggle with ww you have a daily points allowance and an extra weekly allowance you can dip into. It's usually 23 daily points plus 40 something weeklies so if you go over dailies or want a treat it's not a problem. You can also roll over up to 4 if your daily points a day into your weeklies.

It's sounds complicated but it's not. I much prefer ww to sw... the diet is better, the groups aren't just clapping and the app is 1000% more useful!

@poppet31 I know, I'm working out more now and although I've dropped a dress size I've only lost 2lb in 3 weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️

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lawlaw14 Mon 08-Apr-19 20:37:09

You do not have to eat weeklies to lose weight wish people would learn the plan
You don’t need weeklies of your eating lots 0 foods
I’ve lost 2 stone 8 lbs in 8 months and dropped nearly 4 dress sizes and I’ve never eaten weeklies

Fruit can make people sts or gain as the sugar is high

Exercise causes inflamation water retention so you have to drink 2 litres water a day
I had 6 sts this year when I upped exercise but lost inches

But you do not have to eat weeklies if you did they wouldn’t divide the points

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