Lunches I can microwave?

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purplelass Wed 23-Jan-19 19:05:21

This is my first day on WW and I'm looking for filling lunch ideas to take to work with me. I've got access to a fridge, kettle and microwave.

Any suggestions very gratefully accepted - thank you!

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twinkledag Wed 23-Jan-19 21:15:39


Sunshinegirl82 Wed 23-Jan-19 22:48:17

Cold ready cooked chicken, half a Jamie Oliver curried chickpea pouch, Greek yogurt on the side. 6 points I think!

purplelass Thu 24-Jan-19 12:48:58

Thinking I might go down the leftovers route - I feel more like I've had food if it's hot!
Think this is going to take more planning than I'm used to, but it'll be worth it smile

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Graphista Thu 24-Jan-19 23:35:20

Leftovers yes but I'd also recommend veggie "meals in a tin" which are naturally low fat low cal usually.

Things like veg curry, veggy chilli, ratatouille...

Leftovers - homemade so low points

Spag Bol, stews, casseroles, ;including less well known ones like stroganoff, ghoulash) curries...

Also baked potatoes with ww friendly toppings like cotrage cheese, tuna with a little low fat mayo, low sugar baked beans, bolognese sauce...

Good luck

purplelass Fri 25-Jan-19 09:04:47

Of course! Jacket potatoes! Perfect grin thanks Graphista

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Ucangourownwoo Fri 25-Jan-19 09:06:42

If you have a toaster then beans on toast are my go to.


Dontfuckingsaycheese Mon 28-Jan-19 09:26:24

I love Sainsbury's low be good or something Thai chicken cuppa soup. I always stock up when I go. Handy when you're out and about too. Eg I get a coffee from pret/Gregg's and a cup of hot water - they don't charge. I'm usually buying stuff for my son too. It's the best soup I've found. Only 2 points 😉

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