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I love weight watchers!

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Whatsername17 Mon 28-Aug-17 10:36:37

28 days In, 11lb down, 2lb to go until I reach my pre pregnancy weight, 11lb to go until I reach my size 10 target.

I spent three months faffing around with calorie counting at getting nowhere fast. Weight watchers has made me start cooking properly again and I'm enjoying food more than ever before. I can't say this on connect as half my family are on there!

sez49 Mon 28-Aug-17 12:47:21

Fantastic! I love WW too. Like you, I am now cooking properly and enjoying my food.

stevie69 Mon 28-Aug-17 18:48:13

Me too smile I've just made a mushroom and chickpea curry, which comes in at just 2 SmartPoints per portion. It's lovely, too—even if I do say so myself blush. I'm taking some to work for lunch tomorrow, which will leave me plenty of capacity to eat out (which I always do after my WW weigh-in).

Whatsername17 Mon 28-Aug-17 21:49:26

I've made breakfast and lunch for tomorrow as it's my first day back at work after maternity leave. 5sp for breakfast and 9sp for lunch. I really like the flexibility of the plan. So far this week I've used 3 weeklies per night to have a glass of wine. grin

BunnyNeeded Mon 28-Aug-17 22:52:42

What's the theory behind weight watchers? I mean is it low carb, low fat, or what? Sounds great!

Whatsername17 Tue 29-Aug-17 17:53:34

It's a bit of everything. Foods that are high in fat, sugar, carbs and calories have a high points value. You can still eat them, but you have to eat less of them. I had a jacket potato with low fat cheese and beans tonight which was 9 smart points. A piece of cake is 12 points. You can eat more healthy foods for fewer points. Salad, fruit and most veg are 0 points so intend to fill up on those. I get 30 points per day, plus another 35 'weeklies'which I can either use for a big meal out or spread them across the week and use for treats (I tend to use them for wine!).

Summerloving17 Wed 30-Aug-17 20:16:56

Hi, I joined two weeks ago as couldn't stick to my fitness pal but have only lost 1 pound!!! So disappointed! I didn't even eat all my weeklies each week. Thinking I need to not eat any and up exercise! Do you think it's worth sticking to? I love the app and principles just so upset it's not working for me!

sez49 Wed 30-Aug-17 21:44:46

I think it is worth sticking with. I have lost over 9st now! Personally I would say, make sure you eat you daily and weekly points. They are there to be used. I have gradually increased exercise and also use some of my activity points (fitpoints). I have always eaten all my daily and weekly points. Make sure you are weighing and tracking everything. Also watch that you're not eating too much fruit. And make sure you are drinking enough water. If you still aren't losing, then chat with your coach, or chat with the online coach if you are online only. It works, so stick with it!

Whatsername17 Thu 31-Aug-17 19:05:36

I think it is worth it. You need to use your points though. If you don't, you might find you are filling up on fruit which, although 0sp, still have calories. Make sure you weigh and track everything, otherwise you might be inadvertently eating more points than you realise.

Sparklyuggs Wed 06-Sep-17 06:52:26

Thanks for the inspiration whatsername I rejoined yesterday to lose the 1.5 stone of cake eaten in pregnancy weight.
Smart points seems much better than pro points to me, much more emphasis on low sugar foods and lean protein.

bellalou1234 Wed 06-Sep-17 14:53:49

I'm new to ww too. Can I just ask if say exercised to gain 4 fit points could I say add them to my daily 30 points? Or how do I use them?

sez49 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:44:10

Sorry, I have only just seen your question re FitPoints aa I haven't been able to get online for a while. Don't know if you have an answer yet? The FitPoints you earn for the first 3,000 steps a day can not be consumed. Any extra that you earn after that can be used anytime you like during that week. I have my app set to use FitPoints after weeklies are used. You can also set the app to use FitPoints before you touch your weeklies. Usually the first 3,000 steps is around 3 or 4 FitPoints. It will depend on how much weight you have to lose. I used to have to earn 6 before any extras were available. That reduced to 5 and has reduced again to 4, as I have lost more and more weight.

Want2bSupermum Tue 26-Sep-17 02:47:06

I love ww too. I'm not losing as much as you OP but I'm happy to be losing half a lb a week. I got nowhere with MFP. I have a while to go. My target weight is my prepregnancy weight, so another 35lbs to go. It took me 6 years to gain it all so I will be super pleased if I can lose the weight in the next 6-12 months.

GlossyShine Fri 24-Nov-17 01:26:08

How are you all getting on with it?

JourneyToThePlacentaOfTheEarth Fri 24-Nov-17 02:10:25

I lost 2 stone on ww and intend to start it again after Xmas. It's important to use all your points especially if you're exercising otherwise your body might panic and go into starvation mode and cling onto the weight

ihatethecold Tue 28-Nov-17 21:54:04

Starvation mode is a fallacy.
I started a week ago and I’ve lost 5lbs so far.

Notreallyhappy Wed 29-Nov-17 09:33:00

If starvation mode was true nobody would die of starvation or anorexia as you wouldn't be able to lose weight.
Your body gets used to eating the same amounts of calories and after initial loss needs to might not lose numbers for a while.
Bodies are complex
👍👍ihatethecold ☺

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