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BRUM321 Mon 21-Aug-17 17:28:39

2% turkey mince. Bar come wont work its not on app. How many points per 100g?

Notreallyhappy Mon 21-Aug-17 17:57:15

Up to 135g is 3sp.

BRUM321 Mon 21-Aug-17 20:06:46

Thank you. Not sure i understand why normal mince is the same as 2% fat mince surely it should be lower.

sez49 Mon 21-Aug-17 20:20:29

Have you got any nutritional info on the packaging? Where did you buy it from? I have just worked out points for Tesco's 2% fat Turkey Mince and make it 1sp for up to 133g (based in nutritional info on their website).

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