Treats that are low in smart points

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Sunshinegirls Thu 06-Jul-17 10:57:55

I'm on week one and so far so good, I'm staying within my points and feeling better already, never hungry as I enjoy snacking on fruit and veg. But, I do like to save a couple of points for a sweet treat, can anyone share their low point treats? I wanted a 2 finger kit Kat last night but at 5 points couldn't have it. There must be things that have less points than that out there! Thanks in advance

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fightoffyourdemons Thu 06-Jul-17 11:03:22

Hi, I've just bought a pack of Morrisons meringues, they're not massive but they're a fair sized dessert, they're 3sp and then I've been adding a spoonful of low fat plain natural yogurt for 1sp and then loads of strawberries. It's nice and feels very indulgent!

Alternatively have you tried the boots shapers range, they have some nice sweet nougat bars for about 4 points. Or the skinny cow ice creams, I don't know how many sp they are because I used to get them on pro points, but they were pretty low pro points so should be ok sp and they're a good size too.

I'm my experience you will struggle to find something for less than about 4-5 points.

I think marshmallows are comparatively low if you just need a sweet pick me up!

Sunshinegirls Thu 06-Jul-17 11:07:19

Hi, thank you, the meringue dessert sounds really delicious, il get some of those! Not a fan of marshmallow. It's my beloved chocolate that I am missing, but I know that I really need to wean myself off it anyway, and cold turkey might be the best way.

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fightoffyourdemons Thu 06-Jul-17 11:13:52

I lost 3 1/2 stone a few years ago on ww (I went off plan for a day and 2 years later I've put it all back on!) so am starting again, but I never stopped having chocolate!

My life would be pretty miserable if I didn't have my choc fix to look forward to after putting DC to bed!

You really need to be saving about 4-6 points for something worth while though. I find half a bueno really hits the spot, they're 6sp for 1/2. And little kinder bars are 4 points I think

Other than that have you tired buying some individually wrapped chocolates and portioning them up for the day? Or buying little treat sized bags of things. Also I've seen them biscuit thins recently, Oreo and digestives do them, I assume they're lower points than the normal ones.

There's a choc dessert sauce called hot shots that's really low points, I tried it and didn't like it but some people love it so might be worth a try!

I usually track whatever treat I'm having that night first thing in the morning so I know how many points I have to play with that day!

Ww themselves do some quite low point choc treats on their website.

Sunshinegirls Thu 06-Jul-17 11:51:04

Portioning up treats is a great idea! I bought some cadburys highlights thinking a mug of that would sort me out but it is vile! I think dark chocolate is better for you? Might look into that too. I'm the same, was on WW 5 years ago and lost the 2 stone I needed toeasily, then slipped off and have now put on 3 and a half stone. I'm determined this time, sick of feeling crap in my clothes. I think it would be easier if I'm allowed a treat though. I want to save my extra weeklies and fitpoints for wine at the weekend.

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DarkDarkNight Fri 07-Jul-17 01:43:19

You don't get much chocolate for the points do you? I use meringue nests as well to make an Eton Mess which helps if I want something sweet.

Green & Black's mini bars are 4 points each and quite intense and chocolatey so even though they're small they're quite satisfying. A lot of points but I got a multipack of Cadbury Picnics (38g bar) that are 8 smart points. It feels like a proper bar of chocolate rather than a snack.

I like Time Out wafers, 5 smart points so the same as a Kit Kat, but a good size.

Alpro chocolate and hazelnut dessert are 4, I add some low fat whipped cream as well. Muller do a chocolate and caramel dessert for 3 points.

For plain biscuits I like Rich Tea lights for one point (I think Rich Tea fingers are the same points) or Digestive lights for 2 points. Jaffa cakes are two, I had a two pack of chocolate Oreos last night for 4 points which were nice. Just check if you're having more than one though as the points value can go up.

The weight watchers Rocky Road bars (2) and caramel wafers (3) are nice. I want to try the chocolate biscuit bars but can't find them anywhere.

Sunshinegirls Sun 16-Jul-17 10:42:01

That's a great list Dark! It's not as exciting as real chocolate but I have started making a chocolate smoothie which (kind of) hits the spot
Soya milk (or any dairy free milk), Banana and cacoa powder whizzed up. Only a couple of points!

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Ginkypig Thu 20-Jul-17 11:24:04

My best tip for a sweet treat is.

Get some fruit (any u like really) orange segments or strawberries work well though.

Get a really good chocolate for example a small bar of the green and black. Melt it, dip as many bits of the fruit as the chocolate will stretch to then put the choc dipped fruit in the fridge/freezer.

So you might get 20/30/40 treats for the points of one bar because the fruit is free.

To point it you just work out how many points are in a bar then divide by how many treats you have managed to make so then you know how many you can have at a time.

Juliecloud Thu 20-Jul-17 16:13:03

I like chocolate snack a jacks for 2 points each.

Sunshinegirls Thu 20-Jul-17 16:16:29

Ginkypig, that is genius

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Ginkypig Thu 20-Jul-17 16:36:16

Why thankyou sunshine blush grin

Oh and Iv just discovered Tesco own BBQ rice cakes are 1sp each or 2 for 3sp they are massive though and taste really good so they are loads better than a packet of crisps

Arrowsmith26 Sat 13-Apr-19 11:52:30

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Arrowsmith26 Sat 13-Apr-19 11:53:12

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Girasole02 Thu 16-May-19 10:14:37

Greek yogurt mixed with an options sachet gives the illusion of chocolate mousse and tastes good. I also add raspberries to pad it out a bit.

Bluesheep8 Sun 02-Jun-19 13:10:47

I know it's a savoury snack but hoola hoops puft crisps are good for just 2 smart points

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