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Started off with good intentions.

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reallynearlythere Sun 18-Jun-17 15:39:29

Joined online Saturday morning. Struggled to find a username that no-one else had thought of first. Eventually found one, but did I write it down? Of course I didn't. Tried option of reclaiming it via email but apparently I don't exist. I'll remember that when they want their next month's subscription.Suspect that the weekend enrolments are only processed on a Monday so I have no means of accessing any points values until then. So much for my being a size 8 by Wendesday. Choc ice anyone?

LaGattaNera Sun 18-Jun-17 20:26:50

don't like choc ices but a tub of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough is fine thanks!

twinmummy25 Thu 22-Jun-17 21:15:39

Aw no, did you manage to get it all sorted? The customer service guys should be able to get you up and running again if you haven't x

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