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Prefer Pro Points, can I do this on Ultimate Food Diary app?

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Petal02 Mon 29-May-17 22:19:49

Pro points worked for me, smart points just feels like hard work. Will the above mentioned app let me track pro points, and offer a pro points calculator??

Petal02 Tue 30-May-17 11:15:25

Well I've answered my own question - I've downloaded the app, and I'm now back to my much-loved Pro Points plan. It's like coming home!!! smile

Squab1972 Mon 05-Jun-17 00:08:04

I am going back to pro points Smart Points is too much like hard work.

Petal02 Mon 05-Jun-17 11:32:26

I'm glad it's not just me. I've no idea why WW changed their scheme, but I'm so glad I can still find a way to use Pro Points. I can understand why WW are trying to steer people away from 'wrong' foods by making their points prohibitively high, but it also makes the diet plan (in my opinion) too restrictive and unsustainable.

With Pro Points, I can generally keep my daily intake within the 26 point allowance, enabling me to save my weekly extra points for the weekend. And as I can also use any exercise points I generate, this helps even further.

But on Smart Points, I ended up using my full daily allowance, plus a chunk of weekly points, just to get to the end of a normal day - not good.

afferal Mon 05-Jun-17 15:54:25

I love ultimate value app and pro points smile if you are on facebook at all there are some good pp groups on there... Found them very helpful for support, ideas ect...

Petal02 Mon 05-Jun-17 16:08:10

Afferal is there a specific FB group you had in mind, for Pro Points support?

afferal Mon 05-Jun-17 16:24:09

Weightwatchers propoints &F&H meals, ideas, hints&tips
Weightwatchers propoints recipes
These 2 are the main ones i use smile

afferal Mon 05-Jun-17 16:35:23

Ive not typed them out correctly, apparently that can affect finding them...

Weight Watchers Propoints & F&H Meals, Ideas, Hints & Tips

Weight watchers pro points recipes

user1457213512 Thu 06-Jul-17 18:31:03

Hello, sorry to dig up an old thread but please could you tell me how you managed to change your app from smart points to pro points? Thanks!

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