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Food shopping staples

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Kaz18 Thu 06-Apr-17 22:41:50

Hi everyone! My husband and I are joining weight watchers this weekend and I'm wondering what are some good food staples to buy for the plan? My hubby has loads of points so I'm thinking of getting him full fat yoghurts/milk etc to help him use them up but wondering if there are any other must haves that are good to have in the cupboard?

Elsasalterego Fri 07-Apr-17 11:46:26

We eat a robot mushrooms when I am on weightwatchers. Low points value and filling

Elsasalterego Fri 07-Apr-17 14:24:44

A lot of mushrooms, not robot mushrooms! The other thing I found worked for me last time were those sprouting lentils you can buy in the salad counters. Great for making a salad a bit more satisfying and also great in wraps.

AL1709 Tue 25-Apr-17 16:18:14

Tinned tomatos, can never have enough tiined toms and mixed peppers

Want2bSupermum Wed 26-Apr-17 01:18:19

Siggi 0% yoghurt is 3 points. Eggs are low point if you limit the yolks. Canned fish is great value if not in oil. Sardines in tomato sauce is a great low point lunch.

Miffytastic Wed 26-Apr-17 11:22:24

I was coming on to ask the same. I need some ideas, particularly for quick evening meals. In the day I live on porridge, and either bagel thins (4SP) or warburtons crumpets (6SP for 2) with an egg or two for lunch.

Tinned chickpeas and other pulses are good to have in, frozen quorn pieces and low fat pesto (tesco do one)

Want2bSupermum Wed 26-Apr-17 12:18:51

All bread is 2pts a slice. If you plan you can easily do two open faces sandwiches.

sez49 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:40:27

Not all bread here is 2sp. Some of the medium sliced bread I get is 3sp. Not sure how much the thick sliced bread would be.

I tend to get a mix of fruit and veg each week. Eggs is definitely a staple for me now too. I get through loads a week. I used to avoid them as the very first time I joined WW eggs were restricted to 2 a week as they used to think they were high in cholesterol. That was so many years ago but that always stuck with me and I hadn't realised, until rejoining WW last year that the medical opinion on eggs was completely different these days! A recent find for me is the lighter Brie from M&S. feels like a real treat as I love Brie! Finding a veggie sugar free jelly recently has helped me as well.

BurntBum Wed 26-Apr-17 19:09:24

Eggs and crumpets - both free on no count!

Want2bSupermum Wed 26-Apr-17 19:25:36

I have porridge in the morning made with almond milk and water. It is 4 points and I bulk it out with a banana. DH got some blueberries on offer. I have vanilla almond milk for my coffee that is 1 point for a cup. Don't use almond milk in tea, but it is fine in coffee.

Another good one is to bulk out soups. Here in the US they do Amy's soups which are vegetarian. I add a can of chopped tomato and some frozen veg. Very quick and easy plus fills me up for 6 or so points. Fab if I want some wine with my chocolate.

The bread here is all small and thinner slices which is why its 2 points. I love jars of pickles and roasted red peppers. Just be careful the red peppers are not preserved with sugar. Chicken sausages are also cheap and low points. I found some which are one point each and very filling.

Dinner last night was a bag of frozen spinach added to some mushrooms cooked up with garlic with two chicken sausages on the side. It was 2 points leaving me enough points for a glass of wine and a row of chocolate (12 points).

Lil1984 Fri 28-Apr-17 11:49:47


twinmummy25 Sat 29-Apr-17 21:58:12

Sugar free jelly is a must have, as well as frozen fruit. I do like the sweets and bars that are available in meetings, I feel like I'm getting a treat without breaking my SP balance x

NeverEverEver Sat 29-Apr-17 22:01:25

Kingsmill 50/50 crustless bread is 1 point per slice.

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